The city of Granada
Granada is Nicaragua’s main tourist city

(TODAY NICARAGUA) — Preparations are being made for the opening of a training center to improve the quality of services provided in the main tourist city of Nicaragua.

The Tourism School will focus on training for businesses in the city of Granada, with an academic program focused on “… providing accommodation, reception techniques, food handling, tour guides and techniques for guides, among other things. ”

“… The school will be located in the old fort La Polvora, a center that has a lot of history, said the head of the Office of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Municipality of Granada, Gretchen Gonzalez: ‘This comes from the idea of ​​strengthening the quality of services in tourism. We no longer limit ourselves only to training, we now have a component called tourist culture, which is much broader. ” reports that “… The school program consists of an introductory module aimed at all tourism entrepreneurs and employees who carry out their work directly or indirectly; the purpose is to guide them in basic concepts. A training module for those with experience in running their business, but not with theoretical knowledge that is consolidated as it is in micro and small businesses. Finally, a module upgrade to reinforce knowledge. ”