(QCOSTARICA) Costa Rica’s transport company providing daily service between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, TRANSNICA, announced the construction of a new bus terminal, hotel and shopping centre, in the centre of Managua.

The US$4 million dollar investment in a 3,600 square meter building on three floors, near the Metrocenter, is to give passengers options.

Typically, passengers getting off in Managua have been left curb-side, typically in a parking lot where their ticketing office is located, and to fend for themselves from the “gavilanes” (hucksters) and pirate taxis. In Costa Rica, it operates an enclosed station.

“Everything is working under the initiative of the ‘know your neighbor better,” (‘Conoce mejor a tu vecino’) Costa Ricans seeking to visit Nicaragua increasingly better known for its natural beauty, history and its people,” said Faridi Alfaro, vice president of Transnica.

Transnica offers multiple departures and arrivals between San Jose, Costa Rica and Managua, Nicaragua. The company has a fleet of 25 buses and offers customers “conventional” and “executive” service.


The executive offers more leg room, reclining seats, wireless internet and focused on the professional travelling to and from San Jose and Managua on business.


Alfaro says the buses are equipped with low emission engines, anti slip suspension and automatic levelling.

The bus operator also helps its customers make an easy border crossing, facilitating customs and immigration procedures.

Article originally appeared on Qcostarica.com