Honduran minority parties suffered a harsh blow and at least two of them may disappear for breaching legal requirements to achieve a minimum of two percent of the vote in elections and to take councils. According to local digital media laprensa.hn, none of the five small political organizations in the country reached even one percent of the vote in the elections held on Nov. 24 to elect the president of the country for the period 2014-2018.

Official data of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal show that the Patriotic Alliance won just 0.20 percent and the Christian Democracy (DC) 0.17.

In addition, Innovation and Social Democratic Unity (PINU) had 0.14 percent of the votes and the Democratic Unification-Wide Electoral Political Front (UD-FAPER) alliance only 0.10 percent.

The PINU, DC and UD have each received a deputation in Congress, but FAPER and Patriotic Alliance did not reach any.

According to the Law on Elections and Political Organizations in Article 96, paragraph four, the membership is canceled when a party does not reach at least two percent of the total votes, unless it has at least one deputy to Congress, it adds.