Central America needs the official implementation of the Esquipulas II Accords, which were signed in Guatemala City in August, 1987, but still fully valid, analysts agreed today in Nicaragua.

esquipulas-2These agreements establish that each country has the right to organize in line with its people’s requirements and that revolutionary forces cannot be excluded from electoral processes, said historian Aldo Diaz Lacayo.

The agreements, signed by Presidents Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala), Jose Napoleon Duarte (El Salvador), Jose Azcona (Honduras) and Oscar Arias (Costa Rica) were oriented to achieve peace, but also economic development, social justice and the restitution of the people’s rights, he recalled.

They are the guarantee that the process of social reorganization in these countries “is on, remains valid and it has to be supported,” said the former diplomat.

Central America is undergoing a rebirth of people’s movements, though those civilian organizations have to resort to the figure of a political party to take power, he stated, as published by El 19 Digital journal.