Sunday's election results, according to Sandinista electoral authorities

Sunday’s election results, according to Sandinista electoral authorities

(posted March 3, 9:45 pm) — Leaders of the YATAMA indigenous party in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) are calling on their supporters to protest Sunday’s election results, which were won by the Sandinistas, according to the Sandinista-controlled Supreme Electoral Council (CSE).

Regional and national opposition parties that participated in the March 2 elections claim the poll was rigged by the ruling party and the CSE, which gave President Daniel Ortega’s party a 52% victory in the RAAN and a 50% victory in the RAAS.

The indigenous leaders in the predominately indigenous RAAN claim the government rigged the electoral process to take total control of the Caribbean coast, since it already has complete control over the Pacific coast.

YATAMA has called for street protests on Tuesday. The Sandinistas, meanwhile, are calling their supporters to take to the streets in celebration.

The CSE, accused of rigging the past four elections, patted itself on the back today for another job well done.