Civic March in Nicaragua: Thousands Demand An End To Violence

Managua was the scene of the third major national civic march, to which the National Police announced that it will provide security.


Thousands of people marched today in Managua, in the third major demonstration in a period of 16 days, to demand a halt to violence, freedom of expression and information, and to demand the resolution of at least 47 deaths during the April protests.


The National Police announced that it will safeguard this mobilization, at the request of Antonio Peraza Collado, on behalf of the Movement for Nicaragua.

Farmers from different parts of Nicaragua have traveled to Managua, to join the massive protest.

Demonstrations also took place in small towns and communities, unlike since April 18 remaining quiet, in fear of reprisals.

Participating in the latest march included farmers, businessmen and students, sending a powerful message to President Daniel Ortega, “we are not afraid.”