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Daniel Ortega “was discredited” after interviews with international media

Journalist Guillermo Cortés said that Daniel Ortega is strategically defeated, “although militarily he has imposed himself by tearing down the barricades.”

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo

The journalist and teacher added said that Daniel Ortega’s “need” to grant international interviews, after 11 years without talking to the media, can only be interpreted as a “message of weakness” and “urgency”.

“A guy who has not been interested in interacting with the press and who suddenly wants to give interviews to everyone, must have a huge need to counter what he considers a total loss of his image abroad,” said Cortés.

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“He (Ortega) was totally delegitimized and discredited,” says Cortes. His sentiment is not an isolated one.

The journalist and director of the radio program Onda Local, Patricia Orozco, opined that Ortega’s version does not settle its debt to render accounts to the citizens through the national media, but it is an attempt to justify the performance of its government at the international level.

“He wants to make public opinion believe outside of Nicaragua, that in Nicaragua everything is fine, that here they are a government of the left, that nothing happens here … which is not true,” Orozco said.

In the last two weeks, Ortega has granted interviews to journalists of foreign media such as CNN, Euronews, TelesurTV (financed in part by Nicaragua) and others lesser known, dedicating himself to denying the repression of his government against the citizen protests, something unusual in him.

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In the carefully orchestrated interviews, Ortega did not expose himself to questioning.

That is made clear in an interview with Euronews journalist Oscar Valero who told his story of his unexpected warm greeting on his arrival at the Managua airport by government officials, the role of Rosario Murillo who, according to Valero, was firmly in charge of organizing and directing the interview, to the cold end after the interview was over and done with.

Valero explains how everyone involved in the production of his interview looked to Murillo for direction, the involvement of Ortega’s children and how Rosario Murillo was the only one who dared to sit in Ortega’s chair, before the interview for the sound check and set the tone, to the post-interview.

Although Valero found Daniel Ortega easy to talk too, open and cordial, Valero said Murillo was master “manipulator”, the real power behind the man who people see as the leader of Nicaragua.

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