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Hurricane ETA a category 4 as it approaches Nicaragua

Nicaraguan government declared a red alert for the North Caribbean Coast and the Mining Triangle. The phenomenon is expected to continue to strengthen

TODAY NICARAGUA – Tropical storm ETA became a category 1 hurricane early this Monday morning and, as it advanced in the Caribbean, strengthening “rapidly”, by the afternoon it reached a category 4 of “great hurricane”.

The Nicaraguan government decreed a red alert for the North Caribbean and the Triangulo Minero (Mining Triangle), as well as a yellow alert for Jinotega, Nueva Segovia, and Chinandega. The rest of the country remains on a green alert.

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“It (ETA) is located 120 kilometers southeast of Cabo de Gracias a Dios, with sustained winds of 212 km/h, moving at a speed of 15 km/h, heading southwest to Puerto Cabezas in Nicaragua,” the Commission reported.

Minsa issues recommendations

The Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (Minsa) recommends to the population a series of measures to protect themselves during the rains.

  • Avoid walking barefoot in stagnant water to avoid injury or contracting diseases such as leptospirosis.
  • If you must walk through stagnant waters, wear rubber boots, wash your hands frequently with soap and water before each meal, before preparing food, and after using the bathroom or latrine or changing diapers.
  • Maintain hydrated at home and if diarrhea occurs
  • Go to the nearest health unit if you have symptoms of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, or difficulty breathing.
  • Boil and chlorinate the water for human consumption with two-three drops of chlorine for each liter of water.
  • Do not expose yourself to the winds or cold environment, keep children warm and hydrated, store water in tanks that are well covered and make continuous water changes to avoid the development of vectors transmitting dengue.
  • Mosquito and rodent breeding sites should be avoided. Avoid keeping farm and domestic animals inside the home and avoid contact especially with children.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits before eating them, cook food well and eat it preferably hot and continue with preventive measures in relation to respiratory problems, including Covid-19.
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United States Embassy issues weather alert

The United States embassy in Managua alerts its citizens about the effects of Hurricane ETA in the country and urges them to monitor the hurricane’s progress and be vigilant as its trajectory could change suddenly; further suggests that all US citizens should ensure that adequate food, water, fuel, and prescription drugs are on hand at all times as part of their standard emergency preparedness plan.

Hospital evacuated in Puerto Cabezas (in English: Bragman’s Bluff; in Misquito: Bilwi)

Authorities evacuated patients from the Nuevo Amanecer hospital due to the danger in the area. Villagers from Wawa Barr, Bilwi, leave their homes and go to shelters.

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Puerto Cabezas is a municipality and a city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, capital of the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast. After Bluefields, it is the second-largest city on the eastern coast of the country.

Humanitarian aid arrives in Bilwi

The official media reported the arrival of 88 tons of food arriving in Bilwi to supply the families that will be affected by the passage of Hurricane Eta. The food was donated by the World Food Program.

A 1:10 ppm, vice-president Rosario Murillo, assured in her daily communication that the government is ready to face the natural phenomenon as far as possible. Murillo calls for protection and to defend life.

Murillo highlights the work of the institutions to inform and alert the population about this natural phenomenon. She says that residents of the Cayos Miskitos area and other sectors have evacuated to safe places.

Nicaraguan Army moves specialized troops

Through a press release, the military institution informs that they moved to the municipality of Puerto Cabezas troops specialized in search and rescue under the command of  “Commander William Ramírez Solórzano”.

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