Nate Wreaks Havoc in Nicaragua

Government confirms at least 15 deaths from tropical storm Nate.


Moving up from Costa Rica, Tropical Storm Nate’s arrival in Nicaragua followed two weeks of near-constant rain that had left the ground saturated and rivers are swollen.

Nicaragua authorities placed the whole country on alert. Flooding, evacuations, disappearances (of people), nervousness has the entire country in a state of maximum alert.

Authorities have already evacuated the population in some areas.


Vice president and government spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo, said that at least 15 people have died in that country due to the storm. She didn’t give all the details, only saying two women and a man who worked for the Health Ministry were swept away by a flooded canal in Juigalpa.

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Nate Moving North

Nate is now on a collision course with the northern U.S. Gulf Coast. Southeast Louisiana, including vulnerable New Orleans, lies in the path. The storm, predicted to intensify into a hurricane, should make landfall in the U.S. between late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.  The National Hurricane Center has issued hurricane warnings for southeastern Louisiana and coastal Mississippi and Alabama