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Nicaragua Shows Off Its New Russian Tank

Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi
Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi

(TODAY NICARAGUA) Nicaragua’s army showed off on Monday its new Russian T-72B1 tank, on the occasion of its upcoming anniversary, after months of speculation about the acquisition.

Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi

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Army chief General Julio Cesar Aviles, introduced the new battle tank during the opening of the naval, air and artillery exhibition in Managua.

The Army had kept silent about the acquisition of Russian tanks, that according to media it would be about 50, and other military equipment such as boats and helicopters that will be delivered later this year and next.

Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi
Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi

According to Aviles, the acquisition was made “through the management of cooperation with other countries”. He did not elaborate on costs.

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Aviles said the modernization and development of the Army is based on six axes and ten processes that includes, “review, restoration and acquisition of new equipment, such as the BTR armored equipment, new weapons and  the T-72 tank to replace the old equipment.”

Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi
Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi

Playing done the armed conflict role of the army, during the exhibition that on going until August 23 spoke about the army’s role in development of mapping the country, communications and contributions to repair and maintenance of roads, among others.

“Last year we made more than 300 kilometres of repair and construction of roads. We have mobile hospitals for the medical corps, six units with up to 200 beds, there are not tent beds, but very modern hospitals. We have been moving towards modernization,” said Aviles.

Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi
Photo from ElNuevodiario.com.mi

The exhibition is free to the public from 9:00am to 8:00pm at the Plaza La Fe, 100 metres from the Peurto Salvador Allande entrance.

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The Ejército de Nicaragua (Nicaraguan army) celebrates its 37th anniversary on September 2.

Source: ElNuevodiario.com.ni

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