Nicas Must Request Permission To Travel to Europe

The migratory measure applies starting in 2020 and will cost 7 euros (261 Cordobas. The application will be made online.


Nicaraguans who wish to travel to the European Union will be required to apply for an ETIAS visa as of 2020. ETIAS will allow for advance checks and, if necessary, deny travel authorization to visa-exempt third-country nationals traveling to the Schengen area.

With the approval of the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS). whether the trip is for leisure or business, all Nicaraguan citizens will need to enroll in this program.

The measure aims to improve internal security, prevent illegal immigration, protect public health and reduce delays at the borders by identifying persons who may pose a risk in one of these areas before they arrive at the external borders.


“Today’s agreement is another important step in protecting the EU’s external borders. By knowing who is coming to the EU before they even arrive at the border, we will be better able to stop those who may pose a threat to our citizens,” said Valentin Radev, Bulgarian minister of interior, in a press release.

The system will apply to visa-exempt third country nationals, who will need to obtain a travel authorization before their trip, via an online application. The travel authorization fee of 7 euros or 261 Cordobas per applicant.

At the present time, Nicaraguans need only buy the air ticket, pack their suitcases and travel to enjoy the European charms without any need for paperwork. This is because Nicaragua is part of some 60 nations whose citizens have more flexibility to enter the countries of the so-called Schengen area.

As of 2020, all Nicaraguan nationals traveling to Europe for a short-term stay must have a valid ETIAS visa.

At this time, a Nicaraguan can enter Europe by any of the Schengen nations and visit the rest without the need to migrate in each border, however, in other countries must comply with immigration procedures, although many do not ask for a visa either.