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Ortega Compares Protests To ISIS; Army Remains Apolitical, Chief Says

For the head of the military, the Army is an apolitical institution in its actions

President Daniel Ortega said on Tuesday that the protests that have taken place in Nicaragua since mid-April, which he describes as “terrorist actions”, used terrorist techniques similar to those used by the fundamentalist group of the Islamic State (ISIS), famous for its acts of terror in Syria and Iraq.

Doctors held a sit-in in Managua in support of their dismissed colleagues in León and Jinotepe.

“It seems that the influence of ISIS has come through the (social) networks to Nicaragua. There were several cases of burned Nicaraguans, including two police,” Ortega said at the commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the founding of the Fuerza Aérea de Nicaragua (Nicaraguan Air Force).

“That coup plan is not new, it was started back in 2007 when the Sandinista Front returned to power and it came expanding in different directions,” Ortega said, adding that it has financing from abroad, from organizations based in Miami, Florida.

Avilés calls for dialogue

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For his part, the head of the Nicaraguan Army, General Julio César Avilés, said that for the military the solution to the current crisis in the country will come through the national dialogue.

“This commemorative day has been preceded by a serious situation that affects all Nicaraguans. We all know the pain of losing a loved one,” said Avilés.

“In the Nicaraguan Army we have already expressed ourselves publicly and today we reiterate our deep feeling of solidarity for all the families who have lost loved ones, that has filled us with pain and mourning for all,” the military chief added.

Avilés emphasized that all those responsible for acts of violence should be punished, as established by the laws of the country.

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Finally, the military chief said that the Army is an apolitical institution in its actions.

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