Sandinistas Kill Protesters in Nicaragua and Now “Protest” in United States

"It is contradictory to use Nicaraguan symbols of repression in what is largely a peaceful demonstration in the United States for the unjust death of George Floyd."

"It is contradictory to use Nicaraguan symbols of repression in what is largely a peaceful demonstration in the United States for the unjust death of George Floyd."

More than 500 demonstrators were killed for protesting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Despite repression by the regime, Sandinista leaders marched in the streets of Miami, United States, allegedly against police abuse and racial profiling.

Sandinistas kill protesters in Nicaragua and claim to support them in the U.S. (Twitter)

They carried the black and red flag of anarcho-communism, the same flag of the communist revolution in Cuba and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the banner of the governing party: FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front).

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“It is contradictory to use Nicaraguan symbols of repression in what is largely a peaceful demonstration in the United States over the unjust death of George Floyd,” Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for the Study of a Free and Secure Society and an expert on global security who specializes in asymmetric warfare theory and transnational threats, told the PanAm Post.

Black young people accused of murder to cover up for the regime

Among the contradictions in the discourse of FSLN militants is their alleged fight against racism. The regime they defend has been accused of imprisoning young Black men to cover up the abuses of Sandinism.

Brandon Lovo Taylor (18 years old) and Glen Slate (20 years old), residents of Bluefields -an autonomous town with a very large Black population- claim that the death of journalist Ángel Gahona López was the work of a sniper and accuse the government of murdering him to silence the press, insisting that they are innocent.

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Gahona López was shot dead while doing a live report on the protests against the Ortega dictatorship.

Although the authorities accused two young people of Afro-descendant origin of the death and attempted murder of policeman Anselmo Rodriguez, who was injured in the shooting, witnesses and family members claim that the accused are innocent.

The journalist’s death came amid a wave of persecution by the regime against the free press.

As a result of the intimidation they suffered from forces akin to the dictatorship, more than 50 journalists went into exile after exposing the abuses of the former guerrilla who had become president.

The regime kicked its youngest victim to death

The regime has not only persecuted the demonstrators in the streets but also started to arrest anyone with a Nicaraguan flag. That is how the youngest fatality was recorded.

He was kicked to death. With no evidence against him, five young university students were arrested because they had the Nicaraguan flag on their backpacks. The group included a young couple who were expecting a baby who was killed by the paramilitaries before he was born.

“One of the paramilitaries hit me in the stomach when I exclaimed that I was pregnant, the paramilitary answered: now we are going to take it out, and ultimately, you are going to eat it alive.”

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The national flag has become a symbol of resistance against the typical black and red of the extreme left used in Nicaragua by the socialist regime.

Claiming to be in the “anti-fascist struggle,” militants on the far left throughout the Western Hemisphere have shown that they are ready to attack anyone in the streets, who is willing to defend both their nation and their business. The internationalism that motivates their armed struggle promotes this.

And Nicaragua has shown what they are like when they come to power. Cities like Chicago have just begun to show it.

Nicaraguan political analyst says U.S. unrest serves to destabilize democracy

The Nicaraguan legal consultant and political analyst, Dr. Oscar Carrión Orozco, told the PanAm Post that the fact that Nicaraguan Sandinistas with black and red FSLN flags are trying to take advantage of George Floyd’s death to commit acts of vandalism is reprehensible.

“While it is true that the manner of Mr. George Floyd’s death is the object of our condemnation and rejection,” he asserts that it is not possible to admit that the interests of the American left, of the United States, of the Democratic Party, along with the perverse interests of Latin America’s narcoterrorist communist socialism, are fueled by this crime.

“Some people who have had direct links with Nicolas Maduro have already been discovered,” he exclaims.

He details that it has become evident that Nicaraguan, Cuban and Venezuelan citizens are among the violent demonstrators who have committed criminal acts beyond mere civic protest, those who have committed acts of vandalism that transcend any reasonable reaction of indignation.

Beyond any civic show of indignation that he as an opponent to his own government shares, he warns that the above mentioned may be trying to align perverse political interests to destabilize the democracy that represents, despite its imperfections, that western democracy that the United States commands in the region.

“So my condemnation is also for those excesses, for those expressions of violence, those expressions of acts of crime, looting and burning of churches, burning of vehicles, burning of buildings, robberies, and other criminal acts under such legitimate grounds as a rational, civic, humane protest over the death of George Floyd.”

This article was originally published in PanamPost (in Spanish).


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