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Travel Guide between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Q TRAVEL - The coronavirus pandemic has reduced the ease of traveling from one country to another. Though are fewer border restrictions now than...

Ortega Regime Promises Vaccines, with No Details

TODAY NICARAGUA - Former Nicaraguan health minister and current presidential advisor Carolina Davila has announced that COVID-19 vaccinations will begin in 2021. Her announcement...

Nicaragua’s Augusto C. Sandino, an international airport with only one airline

TODAY NICARAGUA - The Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA) suffered this month the loss of one of the only two airlines currently serving...

Television critical of Daniel Ortega in danger of closure in Nicaragua

TODAY NICARAGUA - Nicaragua's private television Channel 12, critical of Daniel Ortega's government, warned this Monday that it is on the verge of closure,...

Regime promotes massive events fueling the second wave of contagion, as the world tightens...

TODAY NICARAGUA - While the world tightens restrictions again to stop the second wave of Covid-19 contagion, which has already killed almost two million...

“Gag Law” Takes Effect in Nicaragua

TODAY NICARAGUA - On December 30th, the “Special Cybercrimes Law” came on the books in Nicaragua. The Sandinista majority in the National Assembly passed...

Covid-19 a Hard Blow to Nicaraguan Migrants

TODAY NICARAGUA - In 2020, the pandemic meant new hardships for thousands of Nicaraguan migrants. These migrants left their country because of the socio-political...

Reviewing the Year of the Pandemic in Nicaragua

TODAY NICARAGUA - 2020 was marked above all by Covid-19. It became one of those years that will forever mark a before and after, all...

Doctors warn that “rebound” due to covid-19 has already begun

TODAY NICARAGUA - "The rebound" or "second wave" of covid-19 has already begun in Nicaragua, alert doctors who have battled the disease from the...

Daniel Ortega Eliminates Competition in 2021 Elections

TODAY NICARAGUA - On Friday, December 18, Nicaragua president Daniel Ortega sent a new “urgent” bill to the National Assembly. Called “defense of the...

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