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President Ortega Wants To Meet Pope Francis

Posted on: May 28 2015 - 8:21am | #0
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Managua, Nicaragua.23/Junio/2014: El presidente de Nicaragua Daniel Ortega durante una ofrenda floral en el Mausoleo de Carlos Fonseca. Foto:Jorge Torres/ LA PRENSA.

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The apostolic nuncio, the Vatican ambassador in Nicaragua, has confirmed that President Daniel Ortega has requested a meeting with Papa Francisco (Pope Francis), in Rome. “The intention of visiting the pope has been expressed to me by President Daniel Ortega,” said the press officer of the Holy See, in a report by La Prensa. Ortega is one of the three presidents of the Central American region that have not yet visit the Latin American Pope, who has more than two-year papacy. El Salvador’s Sanchez Ceren, Honduras’ Juan Orlando Hernandez have arealy met the Pope. Costa Rica’s Luis Guillermo Solis was in Rome but the Pope was touring in those days. Guatemala’s Otto Perez Molina has not yet...


Meet the head-spinning b-boys and b-girls of Nicaragua

(TODAY NICARAUGA) LEON, Nicaragua — As sunset approaches, Leon’s central plaza explodes with music and dance, but not the typical Central American folkloric kind. A crew of break dancers and rappers shows off “power moves,” spinning on their heads, contorting their bodies, and shooting their legs into the air. The dancers, who range in age from about 15...

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The city of Granada

Tourism School Set Up in Granada

(TODAY NICARAGUA) — Preparations are being made for the opening of a training center to improve the quality of services provided...

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Nicaragua: One of 10 Exotic Places You Can Visit on $10 a Day or Less

  (TODAY NICARAGUA) Nicaragua is 7th in the list of “10 Exotic Places You Can Visit on $10 a Day or Less” according...

Nicaragua Economic Situation up to March 2015


(TODAY NICARAGUA) Economic activity continues to grow at an average annual rate of 4%, driven by the performance of sectors of Trade, Construction and Transportation and Communications From...

Nicaragua: One of 10 Exotic Places You Can Visit on $10 a Day or Less


  (TODAY NICARAGUA) Nicaragua is 7th in the list of “10 Exotic Places You Can Visit on $10 a Day or Less” according to the The site says that when you combine all of the expenses that go into travel, like airfare, hotels, food, sightseeing and more, the idea of picking up and exploring different corners of the world can seem too expensive for the...

Nicaragua Journal

A Fiesta in Barrio Pantanal

Barrio Pantanal

TODAY NICARAGUA – The New York Times reported that in Latin America the rate of population growth has dropped dramatically recently; Nicaragua is no exception. During the last two generations urbanization,...

President Ronald Reagan meets with Charles Douglas-Home, editor of London Times, and its publisher Rupert Murdoch in the Oval Office on July 7, 1983.

Corporate Media Propaganda and CIA Covert Ops in Nicaragua & Central America

SPECIAL REPORT (Via Through Fox News and a vast media empire, Rupert Murdoch wields enormous political...

Nicaragua Needs More Ports

Posted on: May 23 2015 - 6:38am | #0
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(TODAY NICARAGUA) The growth of the Nicaraguan economy is making clear the disadvantage of the country’s current dependence on the ports of neighboring countries. Although improvements have been made to the port infrastructure at Arlen Siu, this single terminal is not enough for a country whose economy is growing at the pace it is in Nicaragua. The idea of building a port terminal of great magnitude on the Caribbean coast is something that the private sector has been insisting on, as an imperative to reduce dependence on Costa Rican ports and through this improve their export competitiveness factor. “… According to the president of the National Port Company (EPN), Virgilio Silva, the Puerto Cortes in Honduras and at Puerto...

Police arrested the managers of five clubs where sex trafficking was allegedly happening. | Photo: Reuters

35 Women Rescued from Mexican Sex Trafficking Ring

Migrants from Central America trying to make their way through Mexico are particularly vulnerable to being picked up by traffickers. (TODAY NICARAGUA) Mexico’s southern border region is a hot spot for sex traffickers who target migrants traveling from Central America. Thirty-five women were rescued from a sex-trafficking ring, with six suspects arrested in...

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Government Looking For Total Control Of The Internet

Posted on: May 14 2015 - 10:10pm | #0
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(TODAY NICARAGUA) The Nicaraguan government is seeking approval of a bill that would allow it to control the Internet; creating a state entity that will manage and control the broadband services in the country, also decide to grant the right to offer the service. Under the “Ley de Promoción y Desarrollo de la Red Nacional de Telecomunicaciones” concessionaires must provide information and documentation related to telecommunication services it requires them and present the technical, economic and financial information it may be requested for statistical purposes, control, monitoring and set rates. The business sector protested against this initiative because it violates the privacy of users and the economic freedom of businesses,...


New Eruptions At The Telica Volcano

TODAY NICARAGUA – A new eruption took place in Nicaragua’s Telica volcano, located in the department of Leon, about 112 kilometers northwest of Managua, spewing ash in neighboring municipalities, authorities said. The coordinator of the Council of Communication and Citizenship Rosario Murillo, said the Telica registered 65 explosions since last Thursday,...

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