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Nicaragua Transfer Pricing

Posted on: Nov 26 2015 - 8:10am | #0
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TODAY NICARAGUA – The upcoming entry into force of the tax rules on transfer pricing may take some Nicaraguan companies unawares. An article on reports that “… Most Nicaraguans companies are concerned about not being ready to cope with the entry into force of the Law on Transfer Pricing from the first of January next year. ” In December 2012, “… the National Assembly passed Act 822, the Tax Coordination Act, which among new aspects and some to strengthening tax audits, contains articles that will regulate transfer pricing for the first time in the country . ” According to consultants on tax matters, “… if the law goes into effect and companies do not have their transfer...


Democracy Movement protests Nicaragua’s military attack on Cubans

TODAY NICARAGUA via, MIAMI -Members of the Democracy Movement held a rally Tuesday across from the Nicaraguan consulate, demanding to know why Nicaragua used its military to attack and drive back a group of Cuban migrants trying to enter the country from Costa Rica. “We don’t know yet (why the Cubans were stopped),” Democracy Movement...

Posted on: Nov 23 2015 - 9:47am | #0
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Nicaragua Among the 10 Best Places To Test Your Survival Skills

TODAY NICARAGUA – Can’t sit still while on holiday? Next time, swap the ‘fly and flop’ scenario for something more extreme...


Costa Esmeralda Airport Takes Off In November

TODAY NICARAGUA – It has been announced that a new air terminal will start operations in November to attract more tourists...

Stranded at Nicaragua border, Cuban migrants’ American dream in peril


TODAY NICARAGUA (Reuters) – In the week Cuban migrant Lenin Rivacoba has slept rough on Costa Rica’s border with Nicaragua, he was briefly blinded by tear gas, lost hearing in one ear and is now almost out of money. But Rivacoba, whose first name was given in honor of Soviet revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, says he would rather perish than return to his family in Cuba because...

Nicaragua Journal

A Fiesta in Barrio Pantanal

Barrio Pantanal

TODAY NICARAGUA – The New York Times reported that in Latin America the rate of population growth has dropped dramatically recently; Nicaragua is no exception. During the last two generations urbanization,...

President Ronald Reagan meets with Charles Douglas-Home, editor of London Times, and its publisher Rupert Murdoch in the Oval Office on July 7, 1983.

Corporate Media Propaganda and CIA Covert Ops in Nicaragua & Central America

SPECIAL REPORT (Via Through Fox News and a vast media empire, Rupert Murdoch wields enormous political...

US$53 million for Hospital Construction

Posted on: Nov 7 2015 - 8:57am | #0
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Nicaragua’s National Assembly has approved the loan with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration to build a hospital in the northern Caribbean. Added to the loan funds will be $7.8 million which will be provided by the government to build a new hospital in the Autonomous Region of the Northern Caribbean (RACN). reports that “…the CABEI and the Government of Nicaragua signed on 23 September last year a loan agreement to finance the replacement of ‘Regional Hospital Nueveo Amanecer’, located in the municipality of Puerto Cabezas or Bilwi. ” “… The implementation of this project is scheduled to be carried out in three years, according to the loan contract. The financing...


Nicaragua Among the 10 Best Places To Test Your Survival Skills

TODAY NICARAGUA – Can’t sit still while on holiday? Next time, swap the ‘fly and flop’ scenario for something more extreme – a cross-country race or desert island experience, an Australian outback survival course, or perhaps even a North Pole expedition. Lonely Planet has put together a list of the top 10 wild adventures that includes Nicaragua’s...

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Nicaragua as Seen by the IMF in October 2015

Posted on: Nov 2 2015 - 7:37am | #0
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The institution confirmed a positive outlook for the medium term, projecting economic growth of 4% and inflation of 3.5% by the end of the year. From a press release issued by the International Monetary Fund: A mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) headed by Mr. Gerardo Peraza visited Managua from 20 to 29 October 2015 in the context of the Article IV consultation. The mission met with officials from the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, and other members of the economic cabinet, as well as members of the economic commission of the National Assembly, business community and labor leaders, academic groups, and representatives of think tanks. The mission reviewed recent economic developments and discussed the...


El Limon Mine Resumes Operations

TODAY NICARAGUA – After a month of having stopped operations due to protests from residents in the area, B2Gold has resumed work in the Mina El Limón, gold mine located in the city of Malpaisillo, the department of León. After the National Police assured free movement in the area, the Canadian company resumed operations. reports that...

Posted on: Oct 21 2015 - 3:40pm | #0
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