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Nicaragua Changes to Calculation of Minimum Wage

Posted on: Mar 4 2015 - 10:44am | #0
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TODAY NICARAGUA – The private sector has rejected the methodology used by the government to establish the increase for this year and presented a proposal to make adjustments in the future. From a statement issued by the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP): The Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) in light of the unsuccessful negotiations in the National Minimum Wage Commission to reach a tripartite agreement and the political decision of the government through the Ministry of Labour (MITRAB), to approve the minimum wage unilaterally, which is in effect for all economic sectors of the country from March 1 this year, wishes to express the union position on this. 1. The formula of inflation plus the growth of the economy...


Trade Between Cuba and Nicaragua

TODAY NICARAGUA – The private sector and the governments of both countries have started talks to put into place the partial agreement which came into force in November 2014. A Cuban delegation composed of 9 representatives from the government and entrepreneurs from the private sector will be visiting Managua with the aim of coordinating with the Nicaraguan...

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Nicaragua Among Where to go in 2015 Destinations

TODAY NICARAGUA – Before you book tickets to the same old, familiar resort, the Boston Globe asks your to consider these up-and-coming...


More Hotels in Granada

TODAY NICARAGUA – At the end of 2014 110 hotels were operating in the main tourist city of Nicaragua, where three new establishments...

Requirements Eased in Tender for Stadium


TODAY NICARAGUA – The mayoral office of Managua has eased requirements in the tender for construction of a baseball stadium estimated at us$35 million, in order to facilitate...

Nicaragua Companies Ask for Lower Electricity Rates

Photo: La Prensa, Nicaragua

TODAY NICARAGUA – The private sector will be asking the government to implement a differentiated rate for electricity companies in order to avoid losing competitiveness against the rest of the region. In light of the governments refusal to reduce electricity rates, the private sector has proposed the creation of a lower differentiated rate for users who consume more than 150 Kw...

Nicaragua Refinery Project Unfunded

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TODAY NICARAGUA – The construction of the refinery El Supremo Sueño de Bolívar in Miramar, remains paralyzed as the government seeks funds to finance the second phase, the refinement complex. At the moment, only the storage and distribution complex has been finished, works which were funded by Venezuela, but according to the agreement signed “… When oil is at $50, only 40% of that price is given in financing to the beneficiary country.” Because of this, the government is seeking foreign funding for a second phase, but international conditions are not the best for resources for a project that “… does not seem to be profitable.” reports that “… If oil stays below $50 …...

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega deliv

President Ortega Reiterates Objection To U.S. Blockade of Cuba

TODAY NICARAGUA – The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, reiterated on Thursday his rejection to the blockade of the United States against Cuba and said that, while the above mentioned politics exists, the normalization of relations will be very far away between Washington and Havana. As long as the blockade exists the situation regarding normalization...

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III International Festival of Bolero Held in Nicaragua

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TODAY NICARAGUA – The III International Festival of Bolero gathered in Managua Latin American and Caribbean artists, who delighted Nicaraguans and representatives of other nations in the region. With a concert in the theater Ruben Dario, interpreters from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras and the host country, paid tribute to the Nicaraguan singer Marina Cardenas, to whom the event is dedicated. Known as the “Gordita de Oro”, Cárdenas, who passed away in late October, is regarded as one of the most representative voices of this nation. The artists highlighted her talent and efforts to promote the bolero and preserve its richness as a musical genre. During the gala, Mexico’s ambassador...

Nicaragua Investment Company Act

NICARAUGA NEWS – Public consultation is to be given to a bill which aims to promote large investments by providing incentives for the creation of investment companies which have a minimum capital of US$30 million. It is expected that next week members of the Superintendency of Banks and Other Financial Institutions will comment on the Investment Bill, which...

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