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FBI Suspected Serial Child Molester Thaught In Managua School

Posted on: Apr 23 2014 - 12:11pm | #0
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NICARAGUA NEWS – The FBI is spearheading an international probe to determine how many students at elite private schools in nine countries, including Nicaragua, fell victim to a teacher who authorities contend was a serial predator for more than four decades. Agents of the Houston office went public with their investigation Tuesday, saying they may never know how many victims William James Vahey exploited during a global career that began in 1972 after he stopped registering for a molestation conviction in California. William James Vahey, 64, committed suicide in a Minnesota hotel room last month before he could be arrested and perhaps provide some answers, the FBI said.  That was two days after agents in Houston filed for a warrant to...

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Venezuela helps Nicaragua install seismic stations

NICARAGUA NEWS – Venezuela helped install four mobile seismic stations in Nicaragua after two moderately powerful earthquakes struck Nicaragua on April 10th and April 11th respectively, a Venezuelan official said Tuesday. “Nicaragua asked for our help and we gave it immediately,” said Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Manuel Fernandez...

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Earthquakes Generated by “Faults”


NICARAGUA NEWS – Wilfried Strauch, of the Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales (Ineter), working together with national and foreign researchers related...

Managua’s Markets Put To The Test

Drills will test the markets of the capital city to evaluate evacuation plans. The Mercado Oriental / El Nuevo Diario

NICARAGUA NEWS – The National System for Prevention, Mitigation and Attention to Disasters, SINAPRED, said it will be conducting drills in the markets of Managua, to evaluate the evacuation plans and the responsiveness of authorities to any seismic activity. Deputy Minister of Interior, Carlos Najar said that in Managua’s markets there are “buildings over 34 years...

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[Video] Managua, Nicaragua is a beautiful town


Managua, Nicaragua: A classic by Guy Lombardo. The Lyrics: Managua, Nicaragua - words by Albert Gamse, music by Irving Fields - as recorded in New York November 15, 1946 by Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians Managua,...


Nicaragua’s Parliament Ratifies Agreement with Cuba

Nicaragua”s National Assembly ratified here the Partial Reach Agreement with Cuba, which aims to strengthen business...

Churches Full, Beaches Empty During Semana Santa

Posted on: Apr 21 2014 - 9:11am | #0
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Catedral de Managua | Photo  LA PRENSA/ O. Navarrete

NICARAGUA NEWS – The Catedral Metropolitana de Managua (Managua Cathedral) looked small at the number of people in attendance for Semana Santa services. According to the Church, this year the number of people attending church services, vigils and processions in the capital city, during Semana Santa, was significantly higher than previous years. “I can say that the Cathedral was always crowded”, said Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes of the attendance during the week. According to Brenes, many stayed in the city rather than off to the beaches this year, confirming reports from other parishes recording higher than usual attendances. The earthquakes that rocked country in the past couple of weeks and the red alert issued by the government,...

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Nicaragua Still On Alert For The “Big One”

It’s been a week since several major earthquakes hit Nicaragua. Since, the country has been rocked by smaller quakes, shocks and tremors, leaving many to ask if the “Big One” is around the corner. In the capital city of Managua, many continue to live in the streets – literally – afraid to go indoors just in case the big one hits. For...

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