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New Industrial Park in Masaya

Posted on: Jun 23 2015 - 9:25am | #0
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(TODAY NICARAGUA) An industrial park has been inaugurated which has 55,000 square metres dedicated to the production of textiles in the Siglo XXI free zone, in Niquinohomo, in the department of Masaya. The US$20 million investment will generate 4,500 direct jobs. Mario Blandon Zelaya, president of the Free Trade Zone Niquinohomo “Siglo XXI” and the Chamber of Free Zones of Nicaragua, told that “…this textile complex textiles will be developed that will be exported to the countries of that are part of the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and the Dominican Republic .” Zelaya said that “Nicaragua is a country that offers a lot of opportunities for investment, and what stands out...


Six Dead, 35,000 Affected By Rains

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The government of Nicaragua has declared a red alert after six have died and 35,000 others have been affected by the rains this months, hitting hardest the capital city of Managua. Among the dead were two children, aged 11 and 12, and four other youths in the last two weeks of rain that has swollen rivers and streams. According to the report post...

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The city of Granada

Tourism School Set Up in Granada

(TODAY NICARAGUA) — Preparations are being made for the opening of a training center to improve the quality of services provided...

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Nicaragua: One of 10 Exotic Places You Can Visit on $10 a Day or Less

  (TODAY NICARAGUA) Nicaragua is 7th in the list of “10 Exotic Places You Can Visit on $10 a Day or Less” according...

Nicaragua Annual Inflation up to May 5.22%


(TODAY NICARAGUA) The consumer price index in May registered a variation of 0.51%, accumulating growth of 2.79% in the year. From the monthly report on inflation by the Central...

Nicaragua Is Prudent


(TODAY NICARAGUA) The expert in international law, Mauricio Herdocia, said that Nicaragua has been careful to give concessions for oil exploration in remote sea areas where a dispute can be raised with neighbouring countries. Therefore, Herdocia sees baseless Costa Rica’s “warning to the Norwegian oil company, Statoil, on the likely occurrence of “illegal acts that...

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A Fiesta in Barrio Pantanal

Barrio Pantanal

TODAY NICARAGUA – The New York Times reported that in Latin America the rate of population growth has dropped dramatically recently; Nicaragua is no exception. During the last two generations urbanization,...

President Ronald Reagan meets with Charles Douglas-Home, editor of London Times, and its publisher Rupert Murdoch in the Oval Office on July 7, 1983.

Corporate Media Propaganda and CIA Covert Ops in Nicaragua & Central America

SPECIAL REPORT (Via Through Fox News and a vast media empire, Rupert Murdoch wields enormous political...

Nicaragua Airport Works Announced

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Nota Web Construir_Ampliarán pista de aeropuerto internacional_NI

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The management company of the international airport in Managua has announced that it will allocate between $6 million and $10 million for expansion of the runway. Empresa Administradora de Aeropuertos Internacionales de Nicaragua (EAAI) reported that it is currently in the design phase, with construction works to start in December. It is anticipated that the extension means extending the runway at least 900 more meters, allowing large aircraft to land. Elmer Orlando Guillen, manager of Airport Services, told that “… to execute this project between $6 million and US $10 million will be spent.” “… “We are repairing approach lights, among other major projects that will allow...


Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The Executive has submitted a reform bill to extend tax benefits for investments in renewable energy projects until January 2018. Among the tax incentives that exist for investment in renewable energy is exemption from the “… Import Custom Duties (DAI), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax (IR). ” The initiative aims to reform...

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Nicaragua Plans to Produce High-Quality Calves

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(TODAY NICARAGUA) A pilot project aims to provide funding and technical assistance to a group of food producers in order to improve their livestock and increase quality. The purpose of the project, still in its test phase, is for farmers to use the same milk extracted from cows to feed calves instead of selling it at low prices in the local market. The plan includes providing technical assistance to implement traceability plans and in this way increase the possibility of exporting meat to EU markets. Onel Pérez, executive director of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Beef Exporting Plants (Canicarne), explained that “… the project aims to convert farmers into receivers of loans and technically support them so that they can produce high-quality...

Julio Rocha has held prominent positions in football in central America

Julio Rocha Arrested In FIFA Scandal

(TODAY NICARAGUA) Among the FIFA executives arrested on Wednesday in Switzerland for alleged corruption is Nicaragua’s Julio Rocha. Rocha, 64, is currently a development officer with FIFA, tasked with introducing new football projects around the world, headed Federación Nicaragüense de Fútbol (FENIFUT) for nearly 25 years and has acted as the president...

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