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Independence Day Parade Postponed Due To Rain

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Nicaragua Today
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NICARAGUA NEWS – A low pressure system moving across the country continued to rain on Managua Sunday, forcing the postponement of the traditional parades in celebration of Independence Day. First Lady Rosario Murillo said that President Daniel Ortega, her husband, took into consideration the welfare of the students, teachers and families who attend the event, which could be affected by the rains. “We do not want to expose the children, their parents, all families who congregate to get the flu, a cold or other health problems,” said Murillo. The First Lady added that the parades will be moved to another day, a date that will be made known in the coming days. ...

There Once Was A Meteorite

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Nicaragua Today
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NICARAGUA NEWS  — What are the chances? One in a million? Billion? The fact that Nicaragua is no more than a speck of dust on the world map, occupying only 0.026 percent of the Earth surface, how did it pull...


Nicaragua Condemns Blockade to Cuba

NICARAGUA NEWS (Prensa Latina) — The president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Nicaraguan Parliament Jacinto Suarez regarded the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States to Cuba, which continues today condemned internationally, as infamous, criminal and useless. In statements to Prensa Latina, Suarez said that the implementation...

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Nicaragua: A Paradise Poised for Discovery

TODAY NICARAGUA TRAVEL – Yvan Cussigh came to Nicaragua in the most circuitous way—after fantasizing about Costa Rica for...


Revolutionary reminders around every corner

NICARAGUA TRAVEL – The beachside restaurant was a lantern-lit faux shack. The Pacific Ocean caressed the golden sands of Bahía...

Statoil, Petronic Aim to Explore Offshore Nicaragua


NICARAGUA NEWS – Statoil reported Thursday that last week it signed a cooperation agreement with Petronic that will see the two companies find ways to work together in oil and gas activities off Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Statoil said that it and Petronic had also sent a request to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Energy and Mines to request the start of exclusive negotiations...

Nicaragua Journal

Monoculture is failing Nicaragua’s farmers

Farmers in Nicaragua need to diversify away from maize and beans to try fruit production and forestry. Photograph: Esteban Felix/AP

NGOs must acknowledge the risks to livelihoods and food security and teach smallholders to diversify for higher profits NICARAGUA JOURNAL – The traditional diet of maize and beans in Central America has seen...

Family members and friends hug while mourning for a young man who was shot amidst what local media claimed are accusations of extortion from vendors at a market in Tegucigalpa August 26, 2014.

How Nicaragua escaped neighbours’ deadly spiral

TODAY NICARAGUA (Reuters) – Victor Toruno was just 12 when he ran away from an abusive father to join a local street...

Authorities Staying Firm on Meteorite “Hypothesis”

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NICARAGUA NEWS – Nicaraguan authorities are staying firm on the “hypothesis” that a meteorite fell on Managua Saturday night, though they are not “specialists” on the subject. At the same time, on Wednesday a number of rocks taken from the crater of the wooded area of the air force base, near the August C. Sandino airport, were sent abroad for studies. “We ebelieve that something fell from the sky, however, we are not certain what it was, as such we are conducting studies to confirm or eliminate the assumption,” said on Wednesday Wilfried Strauch, advisor to the government agency, the Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales (INETER). “If our research does not coincide with the hypothesis...


Secrecy and doubt shroud Nicaragua’s huge canal plans

NICARAGUA NEWS (Los Angeles Times) — The Chinese engineers passed by Antonio Cardenas’ dusty plot of land the other day. They didn’t say anything to him. They never do. In this town on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast, a withering drought is scorching farmland and parching cattle. Once-green fields have turned yellow-brown. The Brito River is nothing...

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