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Rosario Murillo: The Voice and the Other Face of The Government

Posted on: Jul 29 2014 - 2:46pm | #0
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Rosario Murillo. | Foto EFE/Mario López/Forum

  NICARAGUA NEWS JOURNAL – (AP) — In Nicaragua, where Marxist dogma has given way to a free market economy, the red-and-black flags of the Sandinista revolution have been supplanted by the pink and baby blue colors favored by the country’s first lady, “la companera” Rosario Murillo. Her husband, Daniel Ortega, is president, but as chief of communications, Murillo is the voice and the other face of the government. At border crossings and on roadside billboards throughout the country, “Daniel and Rosario” are pictured side-by-side. On the government website, she dominates the page of “Speeches by Daniel and Rosario.” And while Ortega occasionally appears in public, Murillo holds forth on...


Coffee Leads Nicaraguan Exports

NICARAGUA NEWS – According to the last report of the Nicaraguan Center for Exports (CETREX), the raw coffee remains as the item with highest exportation rate so far this year. During 2014, coffee exportation was valued at more than $284,000,000 USD, representing 18.48 percent of total exports in Nicaragua. Only in July, the raw coffee exports were valued at...

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Revolutionary reminders around every corner

NICARAGUA TRAVEL – The beachside restaurant was a lantern-lit faux shack. The Pacific Ocean caressed the golden sands of Bahía...

Survey Shows High Approval Ratings for Daniel Ortega


NICARAGUA NEWS – The management of the government of Nicaragua is now approved by 59.9 percent of the people, a local survey revealed. According to data released by M & R Consultores, 73.4 of respondents felt that the government of Daniel Ortega unites the country while 73.3 were pleased with the president. Only 15 percent of respondents disapproved the management of the current...

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The Las Canoas lake in Tipitapa, near Managua, dries up every time Nicaragua is visited by the El Niño phenomenon, leaving local people without fish or water for their crops. Credit: Guillermo Flores/IPS

El Niño Triggers Drought, Food Crisis in Nicaragua

NICARAGUA NEWS (IPS) – The spectre of famine is haunting Nicaragua. The second poorest country in Latin America, and...

Expectation in Nicaraguan Business for Inter-Oceanic Canal

Posted on: Jul 12 2014 - 6:38am | #0
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NICARAGUA NEWS – The project for the construction of an inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua moves forward today with more impetus after local entrepreneurs stress the importance of the work and express their will to contribute to it. During a meeting with representatives of Chinese company HKND, dealer of the project, business people recognized there are basic conditions to begin undertaking the inter-oceanic route. The objective of the meeting is to provide a detailed report about the mega-project, after the route of the canal was announced this week. It will have a length of around 278 kilometers, 105 of which will be in the Nicaragua lake. According to authorities, the route will pass through the mouth of Brito River, in the southern...


Oscar Duarte is received as a hero in Nicaragua

NICARAGUA NEWS – Humble and quiet, Oscar Duarte, one of the leading players in Costa Rica’s La Selección, national football team, received a hero’s welcome on arrival to his homeland. At the Augusto Sandino international airport in Managua, hundreds of young fans and their families came out to congratulate Duarte for his outstanding participation...

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