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Search For Missing Trapped Miners To Continue Today

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Families of trapped missing miners waiting anxsioulsy for some results.

NICARAGUA NEWS (La Prensa) – The search for the trapped miners was suspended Monday following a late afternoon landslide, forcing rescuers workers back for security, in the El Comal mine, in Bonanza, in the northern Caribbean region. Rescuers were not affected by the collapse, but feared conditions may make it difficult to reach the depths of the mine. However, authorities say the rescue work will continue Tuesday. A group of 34 members of the Dirección General de Bomberos (DGB) – fire department, will join brigades from the Bonanza municipalisty and HEMCO, with the support of the rescued miners, will be working around the clock looking for the remaining trapped miners. It was on August 28, when a landslide trapped 28 miners inside...


Praying For A Miracle Rescue

NICARAGUA NEWS – Rescuers hoped for a miracle as they cautiously dug through mud, rocks and clay in search of at least four men missing since late last week when a landslide trapped them in a gold mine in Nicaragua. Guided by a miner who escaped from the wildcat mine, workers found tools believed to belong to the men but had yet to find any sign of life four...

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Revolutionary reminders around every corner

NICARAGUA TRAVEL – The beachside restaurant was a lantern-lit faux shack. The Pacific Ocean caressed the golden sands of Bahía...

Government Suggests Eating Iguana as Massive Food Crisis Looms


NICARAGUA NEWS – Nicaragua is in dire straights. The country – Central America’s poorest – is facing widespread hunger because of bad harvests and the consequent rising prices for staple food items. Extended periods of hot, dry weather (the El Nino phenomenon) have brought drought to Guatemala, El Salvador, southern Honduras and across Nicaragua, destroying vast...

Nicaragua Journal

How Nicaragua escaped neighbours’ deadly spiral

Family members and friends hug while mourning for a young man who was shot amidst what local media claimed are accusations of extortion from vendors at a market in Tegucigalpa August 26, 2014.

TODAY NICARAGUA (Reuters) – Victor Toruno was just 12 when he ran away from an abusive father to join a local street gang in Nicaragua, graduating from thief to drug dealer. After stints in jail and treatment...

Three farmers study the route for the interoceanic canal on a map of Nicaragua, which the Chinese firm HKND Group presented in the southern city of Rivas during a meeting with people who will be affected by the mega-project. Credit: José Adán Silva/IPS

Nicaragua Pins Hopes for Progress on Grand Canal

NICARAGUA JOURNAL – (IPS) - Víctor Sánchez doesn’t want gold or the comfortable future income he was promised....

Two Miners Freed!

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NICARAGUA NEWS (Reuters) – Rescue workers have spoken to 20 miners still trapped in a gold mine after a landslide in northern Nicaragua, though seven are still unaccounted for, the government said on Friday. Some 29 miners were trapped on Thursday, with two of them rescued the same day, said Rosario Murillo, government spokesman and wife of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. “Twenty of them are in a safe place and have asked for food and water,” said Murillo. “Specialists are going to enter shortly and start the search,” she added. Julio Quintero, head of Nicaraguan miner Hemco, a unit of Colombia’s Mineros S.A., said the mine in the Bonanza project some 260 miles (420 km) northeast of Managua, was closed...

Cave-in Traps Gold Miners

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NICARAGUA NEWS – Rescue workers in Nicaragua are trying to reach at least 24 workers trapped by a cave-in at a gold mine in a remote region in the north of the country. Rescue workers in Nicaragua are trying...

How MS13 and Barrio 18 are Extending Their Reach to Nicaragua

Young people in Nicaragua who migrate to Honduras and El Salvador for work have been influenced by powerful street gangs MS13 and Barrio 18, leading to the development of local groups modeled after these gangs. A radio broadcast examines the phenomenon. Ten gangs have interrupted the peace in the municipalities of Somoto and San Lucas in Madriz province. Their...

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