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Germans Companies Exploring Nicaragua Business Opportunities

Posted on: Apr 15 2015 - 11:05am | #0
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Photo  LA PRENSA/O. Navarrete

TODAY NICARAGUA – Seven German companies are visiting the country to explore opportunities in sectors related to hydraulic engineering, energy, transportation, agricultural production and health. A delegation of 10 representatives from seven German businesses will be staying for a week in the country to meet with various business chambers and look for investment opportunities in different sectors, including the project of the Grand Canal. During their visit the German delegation will meet with representatives from the public and private sector. reports that “… The mission was received this morning by the presidential delegate for investment, Alvaro Baltodano, private secretary and minister for national policies...


Conflict Over Milk Powder

TODAY NICARAGUA – Producers are demanding a halt to imports of the product arguing that industrialists are taking advantage of the low prices of milk powder (leche en polvo in Spanish) to use them as a substitute for fresh milk. In January this year, imports of milk powder reported $3.89 million, while in the same month last year $3.41 billion was recorded....

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Granada, Nicaragua

Retire In Style In Nicaragua For Just US$1,200 A Month

TODAY NICARAGUA (By Kathleen Peddicord) – Daniel Ortega was re-elected president of Nicaragua in 2006. He’s since been...


A Jewish Presence in a Nicaraguan Beach Resort

SAN JUAN DEL SUR, Nicaragua – It was quite easy to spot the rebbetzin, or the rabbi’s wife, within my first few minutes of a...

Low Agricultural Productivity in Nicaragua


TODAY NICARAGUA – Between 2013 and 2014 coffee yields increased from 11.9 hundredweight produced per acre to 11.8, rice fell from 89.7 to 71.4 hundredweight, and beans fell from 12.8 to 11.8. Reports from the Central Bank of Nicaragua show that also yields of sesame also decreased, going from 11.5 hundredweight per acre in 2013 to 8 hundredweight per hectare in 2014. With regard...

Nicaragua Journal

Thirty years ago, El Cuá was home to just 3,000 people. Since electrification, it has thrived: around 40,000 people live there now and they enjoy a higher standard of living. (Lucas Laursen)

Nicaragua’s Bottom-Up Rural Electrification

  TODAY NICARAGUA – For more than three decades, a group of engineers has been transforming the municipal region...

Illegalty Cited in Suit Against Employer

Posted on: Apr 7 2015 - 11:14am | #0
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Family and friends of Milton Garcia oppose the polie action. Photo La Prensa

TODAY NICARAGUA – The Superior Council of Private Enterprise in Nicaragua has denounced the apparent illegality of the arrest of a tourism entrepreneur and the demolition of a US$7 million hotel under construction in Ometepe. From a statement issued by the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP): The right to private property is inviolable. The Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP), has been made aware of acts of governmental force which led to the arrest of businessman Milton Arcia and the total demolition of his property on the island of Ometepe, which were executed in an “arbitrary and illegal” manner affecting constitutional rights which are fundamental to the legal certainty required for national and international...

Citi will sell Banco Citibank de Nicaragua SA and Cititarjetas de Nicaragua to Panama-based GFF.

Citi sells Nicaraguan businesses to Grupo Financiero Ficohsa

TODAY NICARAGUA – Citigroup has agreed to sell its Nicaraguan businesses to Panama-based Grupo Financiero Ficohsa (GFF), in its latest disposal of overseas assets to cut costs and boost profits. Citi will sell Banco Citibank de Nicaragua SA and Cititarjetas de Nicaragu to GFF. The sale includes commercial loans, personal loans, deposits and credit cards. GFF...

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Russia heads to ‘America’s backyard’ to find salve for sanctions

Posted on: Mar 27 2015 - 5:24am | #0
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Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (l.) greets Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during his arrival for a meeting at the presidential house in Managua, Nicaragua, Wednesday.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited several Latin American nations this week to seek trade opportunities that could offset US efforts to puncture Russia’s economy.   TODAY NICARAGUA (Moscow) — Russia took its global charm offensive to Latin America this week, as the Kremlin seeks to counter Western sanctions over its policies in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Over the past few days, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reassured Cuba of ongoing support, denounced US sanctions against Venezuela, and even suggested Russia might be willing to take part in building a Nicaraguan rival to the Panama Canal. Rumors of Russian arms supplies to several countries in the region have prompted expressions of alarm in Washington. Mr. Lavrov’s...


Nicaragua Military Court Sentences Lieutenant for Criticizing Army

TODAY NICARAGUA – A Nicaraguan military court judge on Friday sentenced an army lieutenant to 3½ months in prison for criticizing the armed forces’ role in cracking down on civilians during protests against a Chinese company’s project to build a canal across the country. Judge Efrain Garcia issued the sentence for conduct unbecoming an officer...

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