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Fidel and Raul Castro Send Messages to Nicaragua

Posted on: Jul 22 2014 - 7:49am | #0
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In the undated picture: Fidel, Raul and Daniel. | Photo: Prensa Latina

NICARAGUA NEWS – The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and Cuban President, Raul Castro, yesterday sent greeting messages to Nicaragua on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Sandinista victory in that counry. In his message, Fidel Castro saluted the Sandinista victory on July 19, 1979 and considered Nicaragua as an irreversible stronghold of the anti-imperialist fight.Likewise, he highlighted Daniel Ortega as a key figure in the struggle of the peoples of the continent.In his message, Raul Castro sent fraternal greetings on the occasion of this anniversary, which was extended to the Nicaraguan people.After both messages were read at Plaza La Fe in the capital, which was crammed with hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans,...


Nicaragua Cocaine Seizures Highlight Use of Pacific Land Routes

NICARAGUA NEWS – Authorities in Nicaragua have seized approximately 886 kilos of cocaine over the past two weeks near the border with Costa Rica, highlighting the importance of the country’s Pacific region to overland drug trafficking. The cocaine was seized during four separate operations carried out by Nicaragua’s police and military in Rivas,...

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Revolutionary reminders around every corner

NICARAGUA TRAVEL – The beachside restaurant was a lantern-lit faux shack. The Pacific Ocean caressed the golden sands of Bahía...

Nicaragua, U.S. seek to boost trade

NICARAGUA NEWS – Nicaragua and the United States are seeking opportunities to expand bilateral trade, official sources said Friday. President Daniel Ortega met with Vice President of U.S. Chamber of Commerce Jodi Bond on Thursday and “spoke extensively,” state news portal El 19 Digital reported, citing government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo. Ortega and Bond discussed...

Nicaragua Journal

n this Saturday, June 21, 2014 photo, this year's winner of Miss Gay Nicaragua, Carlos Castro, is reflected in a mirror as he does his makeup for his crowning and presentation ceremony in Managua, Nicaragua. Castro, who represented the province of Leon, received a tiara valued for $2,000, a $5,000 cash prize and the opportunity to travel to Thailand as Nicaragua's representative in Miss Queen International.

Miss Gay Nicaragua to fight homophobia

(AP) — Carlos Castro hugged his mother and wept after the announcer named him Miss Gay Nicaragua 2014. It was the culmination...

El Niño Triggers Drought, Food Crisis in Nicaragua

Posted on: Jul 11 2014 - 10:16am | #0
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The Las Canoas lake in Tipitapa, near Managua, dries up every time Nicaragua is visited by the El Niño phenomenon, leaving local people without fish or water for their crops. Credit: Guillermo Flores/IPS

NICARAGUA NEWS (IPS) – The spectre of famine is haunting Nicaragua. The second poorest country in Latin America, and one of the 10 most vulnerable to climate change in the world, is facing a meteorological phenomenon that threatens its food security. Scientists at the Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies (INETER) say the situation is correlated with the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), a weather cycle that periodically causes drought on the western Pacific seaboard and the centre of the country, in contrast with seasonal flooding in the north and the eastern Caribbean coast. Crescencio Polanco, a veteran farmer in the rural municipality of Tipitapa, north of Managua, is one of thousands of victims of the climate episode....


Nicaragua Confirms Two Cases Chikungunya

NICARAGUA NEWS – Nicaraguan has confirmed the country’s first two cases of people infected with a mosquito-borne virus that has spread quickly through the Caribbean region this year. Rosario Murrillo said Wednesday  Magaly Julissa Lechado, 24 years of age and her 4 year old daughter, Patricia Palma Lechado, are being treated at the Hospital Primario...

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