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Blockade on Cuba Violates International Law, Nicaraguan Legislator Says

Posted on: Oct 20 2014 - 2:17pm | #0
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NICARAGUA NEWS (Prensa Latina) — The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba is violating all rationality, agreements, and principles of the international law, Nicaraguan legislator Carlos Emilio Lopez said. Referring to that policy in force for more than 50 years, the member of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee of the National Assembly told Prensa Latina that this concerns a unilateral act of one state against another. Regarding the United Nations Charter, Lopez stressed that the blockade violates principles such as that of peaceful coexistence, because that siege, in his opinion, is an aggressive and harmful action towards the Caribbean island. He added that it also breaks other principles...


Heavy Rains Leave 22 Dead! (Photos)

NICARAGUA NEWS – Twenty-two people are dead and 32,000 are homeless after torrential rain caused flooding near Nicaragua’s capital Managua. Nine of the victims died when a retaining wall collapsed and flattened four shacks near the capital Managua, government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo said on Saturday. The report said 4,544 homes were damaged or destroyed...

Posted on: Oct 19 2014 - 8:12am | #0
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Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

TODAY NICARAUGA TRAVEL (CNN) —On some forgotten day in 2004, Cerro Negro, a soot-colored volcano in Nicaragua, was host to an unusual...


Aeromexico to Begin Mexico City – Managua Service

TODAY NICARAGUA — Aeromexico, Mexico’s airline, announced that starting on December 10th will connect Mexico City to...

Red Alert For More Rain and Flooding


NICARAGUA NEWS — The Municipal Committees for Disaster Prevention (COMUPRED) in Prinzapolka and Waspam, in the Caribbean North, declared a red alert for floods and an...

Nine Die When Wall Collapses in Heavy Downpour

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NICARAGUA NEWS — Nine people died in THE populous neighborhood, Barrio 18 de Mayo, in southeast Managua when a wall around a housing development collapsed because of the heavy rains, La Prensa reports. “There are nine Nicaraguans who are no longer with us… this is a very sad situation,” the secretary of Alcaldía de Managua, Fidel Moreno, told reporters. Another seven...

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Toon: The Grand Canal Of Nicaragua

Source: La Prensa ...

Hurricane Gonzalo Comes Ashore on Bermuda (Live Video)

Posted on: Oct 17 2014 - 5:25pm | #0
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WORLD NEWS — Bermuda (AP) — The leading edge of Hurricane Gonzalo moved onto Bermuda on Friday evening, pounding the British territory with fierce wind and heavy surf as a powerful Category 3 storm that could raise coastal seas as much as 10 feet (3 meters). The storm’s top sustained winds were clocked at 115 mph (185 Kph), the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. Gonzalo was moving north-northeast at 16 mph (26 Kph) and was expected to batter Bermuda for hours during the night. A white haze covered the island as waves slammed into the shore and wind uprooted trees. The Bermuda Weather Service said the eye of Gonzalo would move over parts of the island, bringing a lull, but warned people not to go outside because the most dangerous winds...

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