Citizen art of resistance against the dictatorship

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The dangers of illegal crossings between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

TODAY NICARAGUA - After 14 days of being missing, this Tuesday morning, April 13, 2021, Norma Rosa Saravia Rugama, 59, who tried to cross...

Nicaragua to renew electoral tribunal, amid claims for impartiality

TODAY NICARAGUA - The Nicaraguan Legislative Assembly, controlled by the ruling party, is preparing to renew the electoral tribunal, amid requests from civil society...

Order and tranquility, this is how voluntary vaccination against Covid-19 is developed in Nicaragua

TODAY NICARAGUA - From the early hours of this Friday, seniors with chronic conditions came out voluntarily for the Covishield vaccine against Covid-19. At the...

Daniel Ortega Among “Worst Leaders” During the Pandemic

TODAY NICARAGUA - Calling people into the streets for a festive parade “Love in the Time of Covid-19” earned Daniel Ortega and his wife...

Murillo promises mass vaccination of 167,500 people in four weeks

TODAY NICARAGUA - This Tuesday, April 6, is the first day of mass vaccination against covid-19, which seeks to immunize 167,500 people within a...

“Nicaragua is not a Republic, it is a 16th century monarchy”

TODAY NICARAGUA - If he wins the presidency of Nicaragua, the first international trip that presidential candidate Arturo Cruz would make would be to...

The literacy of 1980, when thousands learned to read with Sandinista slogans

TODAY NICARAGUA - Before writing the name of the founder of the FSLN, Carlos Fonseca Amador, the peasants had to learn the vowels in...

Challenges facing a potential new government in Nicaragua

There will be those who feel it makes no sense to talk now about the dangers that a government that succeeds the Ortega dictatorship...

Nicaragua’s Ministry of Celestial Bodies

(CONFIDENCIAL)Daniel Ortega’s government has created a “Secretariat for Matters of Extraterrestrial Space, the Moon and other Celestial Bodies”. That’s no joke. Carlos Salinas Maldonado has...

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