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2022: A Government with No Legitimacy

TODAY NICARAGUA (Confidencial) Last week, 629 of the 688 European Parliament deputies (over 90%) representing all the political currents, including the Social Democratic left,...

Daniel Somoza

TODAY NICARAGUA - Otto's look at Ortega's offensive against democracy in Nicaragua.   From Elfaro.net.

The situation of #Nicaragua in the international cartoon

TODAY NICARAGUA - Pxmolina, cartoonist under the umbrella of the Animus Iocandi, a Latin phrase that means in Spanish "humor of joke", "with humorous...

Daniel Ortega: A tyrant without a future

It is a thankless task to refer to Ortega’s speeches, but it must be done. Although his use of an exhausting verbiage and endless...

Rosario Murillo: The most relentless hatred

TODAY NICARAGUA - Betrayal, revolution, dynasty, incest, murder, madness, a pact with the devil, a cruel, delusional and unhinged protagonist: the script of the...

Nicaragua’s Past Dreams, Today’s Nightmare

TODAY NICARAGUA / Margaret Randall* - The recent wave of arrests in Nicaragua, targeting five opposition presidential contenders, several former high-level Sandinista leaders, feminists,...

Nicaragua: The Dictatorship Burns its Bridges

TODAY NICARAGUA - In July 1979, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) overthrew the dictatorship of the Somoza dynasty in Nicaragua. At first, nine...

Nicaragua’s Journalism Survives in Exile

By Carlos F. Chamorro, Confidencial - The repressive onslaught aimed at eliminating all political competition from the November 7th elections began five weeks ago,...

Nicaragua in the dark: this is how the repression of Daniel Ortega works

TODAY NICARAGUA - "Sometimes we don't even understand what happens in Nicaragua, a country in which the laws are applied in their own way,...

Priests in Nicaragua accuse Rosario Murillo of Satanism

TODAY NICARAGUA - Two Nicaraguan priests and a pastor have in recent years accused the first lady and vice-president, Rosario Murillo, of having satanic...

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