The private companies’ association is in talks with United Airlines to promote the opening of a route that connects Nicaragua with the east coast of the United States.

Representatives from the Consejo Superior de Empresa Privada (Cosep) announced that during negotiations they have also considered the possibility of a flight connecting Nicaragua with a city on the west coast, such as San Francisco or Los Angeles.

The president of Cosep, José Adán Aguerri, stated that “… they have initiated the first talks to determine, first, this company’s level of interest and, secondly, what that route would be.”

Aguerri detailed that “… the airline is United Airlines and they are thinking about opening up a route to the east, which could be to New York, or one to the west, which could be to San Francisco or Los Angeles.”

Flights to Europe
The Spanish airline Iberia has announced that starting in October 2018 it will be operating three weekly flights between Managua and Madrid, the outbound flight will have a stopover in Guatemala and the return flight will be direct.