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Vogue: “Goodbye Costa Rica, Nicaragua is the new great destination”

QCOSTARICA – “Goodbye Costa Rica, Nicaragua is the new great destination of Central America”, is the headline in various publications, referring to the article (but not the title as it is inferred) published in Vogue magazine, Mexico and Latin America edition.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The prestigious magazine dedicated an extensive publication to Nicaragua as the “new great destination” of Central America.

Highlighting the paradisiacal beaches, Lake Nicaragua, the Apoyo lagoon, colonial cities (such as Granada or León), Unesco World Heritage Site, and a lush volcanic island with the status of Unesco Biosphere Reserve called Ometepe, often overlooked in favor of its southern neighboring, Vogue says that it is time to say goodbye to Costa Rica to notice its northern neighbor.

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“Oh, and Nicaragua has some of the best surf spots in the world. However, the country remains relatively undiscovered,” according to Vogue editor, Naomi Smart.

Granada, Nicaragua

“It is not surprising that there are an increasing number of guest houses focused on surfing along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. After all, the waves on the Costa Esmeralda (Emerald Coast) are some of the best in the world, similar to those of neighboring Costa Rica, but without the crowds…, ” said Vogue, in the November 11 publication.

Vogue adds, “despite the political conflicts it has lived through the years, it in no way has diminished the warm and generous spirit of Nicaraguans, and the presence of fewer visitors in some places allows one to fully enjoy the destinations.”

Little Corn island
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Vogue recommends that “with things back on track” the best time to start planning a trip is now, the dry season is between December and April, and the Christmas holidays are the ideal time to justifying traveling to Nicaragua and zigzagging between the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, starting the journey through Nicaragua in the colonial city of Granada, passing through the virgin lagoon of Apoyo, Costa Esmeralda, the bay of San Juan del Sur and culminating, why not?, in Corn Islands (las Islas del Maíz) in the Nicaraguan Caribbean, a natural paradise little exploited by tourists.

Omotepe, Nicaragua. Oliver Gerhard/imageBROKER/Shutterstock

“To enjoy one of the best viewpoints in all of Nicaragua, go up to Catarina, where you can enjoy the views of the Mombacho lagoon and volcano,” says Vogue.

Not everything is positive

Despite this publication, the socio-political crisis that has hit Nicaragua since the beginning of 2018 made a dent in the tourism sector.

The now extinct daily El Nuevo Diario, Nicaragua’s major newspaper, which halted its publications in September, said last February that due to the crisis, the country lost 62,000 jobs in the tourism sector and more than US$440 million dollars in revenue due to the cancellation of some 800.000 trips of foreigners.

Replying to the Vogue Tweet, Oso Arrechado (angry bear) wrote, “Do you love #TurismoDeDesastre? (disaster tourism) Are you fascinated to see armed police with AK-47 in each mall? Does it give you the chills the idea of being confused with someone who does not support the genocidal in power, beat you, rape and disappear you for several days? Visit #Nicaragua today!

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Despite the negative, everything indicates that Nicaragua’s attractions flourish again and come alive by 2020.

Article first appeared at Qcostarica.com. Read the original here.

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