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Canadian Murdered In Nicaragua, His 24 year-old Companion Suspect

Rajan Gill
Rajan Gill was murdered in an apparent home invasion. His 24 year-old companion and five others have been arrested in the murder that is still being investigated by Nicaraguan authorities

TODAY NICARAGUA – Vancouver, Canada native Rajan Deedar Gill picked the wrong time to give his security guard the night off. The 63 year-old was found dead, on November 30, allegedly a victim of a home invasion in Quinta Azul, in La Boquita, Carazo.

Police say about 3:00am masked men broke into the property, tied up Gill and his 24 year-old companion, Marbeli Palma del Socorro Cortes, who survived the attack.

'Quinta Azul' is where Rajan Gill lived in Nicaragua. Intruders broke in early morning of Nov. 30th. La Prensa/Managua.
‘Quinta Azul’ is where Rajan Gill lived in Nicaragua. Intruders broke in early morning of Nov. 30th. Photo: La Prensa/Managua.

According to the police report, Gill died from a blow to the head. “The cause of death was severe trauma to the back of the head, presumable from a pipe or stick. We are still investigating,” said Angel Bonilla, head of the Carazo police.

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The security cameras recorded what had taken place in the Gill residence, leaving investigators to recover the vehicle owned by Gill, taken by the assailants and the arrest of Cortes and five others, including the guard (who was off that night) and a welder who had been working on the property.

The arrest of the young woman was confirmed by her nother, Margarita Cortés, who told the El Nuevo Diario, “I don’t know what is happening, she has nothing to do with this, they will not let me see her, they (police) won’t tell me anything.”

According to the elder Cortes, her daughter was Gill’s companion for the last two years and “is not capable of hurting him”.

Friends of Gill say he owned the rental property and lived in a small house on the grounds where the break-in took place. According to the website, Vacation Rentals, Gill worked in the international development field the past 20 years in the Middle East, Serbia, Georgia, Afghanistan and Ethiopia amongst other countries. I live now between Vancouver BC and La Boquita, Nicaragua

Photo from rental property website
Photo from rental property website
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He purchased his house in Nicaragua in 2006 and had been living between Vancouver and Nicaragua. In a section explaining why he chose to split his time between Vancouver and the beachside Nicaraguan property, Gill wrote that he “Loved being on the ocean having grown up on the west coast…and it’s warm and the people kind and friendly.”

All of the reviews online talk about Gill as being very patient and considerate. Many write about his great hospitality.

Source: El Nuvero Diario, La Prensa, Vacation Rentals, Global News, CTV News

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