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Conflict Over Milk Powder

IM20123631072010TODAY NICARAGUA – Producers are demanding a halt to imports of the product arguing that industrialists are taking advantage of the low prices of milk powder (leche en polvo in Spanish) to use them as a substitute for fresh milk.

In January this year, imports of milk powder reported $3.89 million, while in the same month last year $3.41 billion was recorded. The price per ton showed a decrease of $10, since during 2014 it was trading at $820 and went down to $810 this year, according to statistics from the Center for Exports.

Laprensa.com.ni reports that “… Representatives of industrial plants refuse to reduce prices and collections, but artisanal plants recognize the drop and attributed the decline to falling demand for cheese in the Salvadoran market and problems with quality of milk. ”

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Alfredo Lacayo, CEO of Centrolac, said, “… This year the company has increased collection by 30% and is still paying $ 0.51 per liter ($1.92 per gallon).”Cooperatives that have a strategic relationship with industry do not have a problem. Those that go from one place to another for five cents and want to go with whoever pays the most and change three or four suppliers every year are the ones who are crying right now, and that happens every winter. The price of milk powder is on the floor and that has caused the Salvadoran market to reduce its purchases of cheese because there has been an increase in production with mixtures of liquid milk and powder.”

Source: laprensa.com.ni

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