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Countrywide Terror And Death!

More than 20 pick-up trucks loaded with thugs and police toured the eastern neighborhoods of Managua on Tuesday threatening with firearms those found on the road, and residents reported several people injured by gunfire by pro-government mobs.

In the afternoon, in the Altamira sector, Maycol López Medina, 32, a driver of an engineering company, was shot twice, in his the vehicle with the license plate M 224-159 and, according to witnesses, hooded men who followed him killed him when he was one block from his workplace.

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Another person died in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of Managua, from a bullet impact, police confirmed. He was identified as Ariel Ignacio Vivas, 27, and was part of the pro-government groups that removed barricades from the streets.

In the Enrique Smith neighborhood, in Managua, Roberto Pablo Corea Chávez, 23, also died under circumstances not yet clarified.

In Carazo, where since dawn Tuesday there were clashes between paramilitaries and police against demonstrators, two people died in the city of Jinotepe, Marcos Gutiérrez and Guillermo Méndez, by bullets to the head. They were identified as retired Army soldiers, wearing orange bracelets in their right hands and were part of the government’s shock forces. Witnesses said that snipers from their own side confused them and shot them to kill.

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In the afternoon in Diriamba, in a confrontation of citizens against riot police, Marcos Antonio Villalobos died. This happened after 5:00 p.m. in front of the police station, where there were also three injured.

From early morning, Diriambinos erected barricades around the city, to protect themselves, and those enraged took control of the police station of Las Cuatro Esquinas, also in Carazo.

In Jinotega, in another confrontation recorded in the main street El Centenario on Tuesday resulted in the death of Heyner Heriberto Espinoza Rugama, 21, member of the Sandinista Youth. He was shot in the head by a sniper who was on the second floor of a house.

In the neighborhood of Alejandro Ramos, also in Jinotega, an unknown citizen, about 21 years old, supposedly from Ayapal, municipality of San José de Bocay, was found dead.

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At 1:45 p.m.  Tuesday, in Leon, there was a clash of shock and police forces against citizens in protest, near the police station in the Guadalupe neighborhood.


There were at least a dozen wounded with firearms, and two disappeared who were reported by the University Movement April 19.

The protesters reacted violently when government forces tried to disrupt a barricade that preceded the barricade at the León-Managua highway junction.

The population reported that in different sectors of the city of Leon were seen at least five vans that transported paramilitaries, who later joined the police in the confrontation of Guadalupe.

In the community of La Bodega, in Mulukukú, Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast (RACCN), Marvin Loáisiga was killed by several shots. According to eyewitness accounts, two men on a motorcycle arrived at the Loáisiga house, where there is a grocery store, they entered and shot him several times without saying a word.

In Managua, Carazo and Jinotega, on Tuesday afternoon patrol of clash groups with their faces covered with balaclavas, dressed in civilian clothes and armed with AK rifles, imposed fear among the population.

Source (in Spanish): El Nuevo Diario

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