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Daniel Ortega Once Again Avoids The Electoral Issue

Civic Alliance assures that although Daniel Ortega intends to evade the issue of democracy, this will always be put on the Dialogue table

Despite the presence of officials of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in Nicaragua, President Daniel Ortega, once again ruled the issue of democratization in Nicaragua in the National Dialogue.

Daisy George, member of the Alianza Cívica por la Justicia y la Democracia. LAPRENSA/Jader Flores

“The attitudes and arguments presented by the Government delegation clearly reflected that they did not arrive with the political will to address the issue of democratization, since the elections are directly associated with the issue of democratization, a cry of the people for a real change in Nicaragua,” said Daysi George, a member of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (Alianza Cívica por la Justicia y la Democracia).

And while Ortega is silent on the dialogue he speaks with the language of violence, as the police increase their repressive actions throughout the country through the use of weapons of war and masked paramilitaries that continue to increase the death toll.

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This Monday, the violence by government intensified in different municipalities of the country, where the Government intends to shoot through the tranques (barricades) installed by self-appointed citizens demanding the immediate withdrawal of power by Ortega and his wife and vice-president, Rosario Murillo.

They, the Civic Alliance, will insist even if Ortega and Murillo do not want to leave.

For his part, Azahálea Solís, also of the Civic Alliance, said that in talks with the Government the issue of democratization is the main agenda within the National Dialogue that began on May 16, in which the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua (CEN) as mediator and witness.

“We are looking for a peaceful atmosphere to see what the people of Nicaragua say; at this moment this is paramount, and on the electoral issue we are going to see what the people of Nicaragua say, not what Ortega wants, here the people of Nicaragua have been clear about the issue of the total democratization of the country and we will comply that mandate,” said Solis.

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Víctor Cuadras, university student representative and member of the Civic Alliance, also denounced that the government delegation chaired by Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, without any explanation, evaded the judicial issue.

“For reasons that we do not know, the judicial table was suspended before our arrival. The purpose of the judicial table is clear, it looks for the transformation mechanisms for a judicial power that is transparent, independent and legitimate. We know that the judiciary is biased politically and is not at the service of the people,” denounced Cuadras, who is part of the judicial panel in the National Dialogue.

The university representative said that the transformation of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) is in the national interest so that the country can count on a justice system where all Nicaraguans feel represented.

Carlos Tünnermann, also a member of the Civic Alliance, assured that although Daniel Ortega intends to evade the issue of democracy, this will always be on the Dialogue table.

“The Government continues showing signs of lack of political will. The president was asked to send (a reply) if he accepts or not the advanced national elections and he simply does not respond and remains focused on the fact that the barricades must disappear. Definitely, he is not interested in the subject of democracy, but unfortunately, he continues his repression through his paramilitaries and police,” lamented Tünnermann.

The bishops of the CEN have repeatedly asked Ortega to answer, in writing, if he accepts (or not) elections ahead of time, however, the caudillo (in Spanish a military or political leader) does not respond to that demand. The bishops have also asked Ortega to stop the repression, but the dictator has increased it and every day as a result of government repression the number of victims in the hands of police and paramilitaries continues to grow.

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The members of the Civic Alliance, which is made up of the business sector, university students, peasants and members of civil society, reported that in the face of Ortega’s refusal to open up to the issue of democratization, this week they will resume protests and peaceful marches to pressure the caudillo, who has governed the country since 2007, along with his wife.

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