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Doctors warn that “rebound” due to covid-19 has already begun

Experts point out that the Government is leaving Nicaraguans “orphans” during the pandemic, therefore they recommend maintaining preventive measures

TODAY NICARAGUA – “The rebound” or “second wave” of covid-19 has already begun in Nicaragua, alert doctors who have battled the disease from the first line of containment in public and private hospitals, and point out that infections are being seen mainly in young people.

Entrance to the emergency area of the Hospital Alemán Nicaragüense in Managua, one of the reference hospitals to treat cases of covid-19. Photo: Nayira Valenzuela

“There is definitely a regrowth, that is undeniable, we are seeing the rising curve,” said infectologist Carlos Quant, in an interview with the Esta Noche program.

The expert assures that he is aware of reports from public and private hospitals in the country where an “increase in the frequency of hospitalizations is revealed, fewer doctors attending to a greater number of cases at the outpatient level and information regarding the positive tests in the Ministry of Health they have risen seven times”.

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Doctors Leonel Argüello and Magda Alonso agree that a “rebound” has begun in Nicaragua, highlighting that this is being seen mainly in young people and in certain groups of asymptomatic patients.

Alonso refers that “there are more and more cases” of covid and online consultations are more constant in areas such as Managua, León and Masaya. However, it points that in Matagalpa the infections are still “sporadic”, although it indicates that these are “worrisome”.

Government leaves “Nicaraguans orphans”

During these months of the pandemic, experts point out that both the population and the health personnel were “orphaned” due to the lack of information, protection supplies, contagion prevention campaigns and training on the part of the Ortega Government.

Dr. Quant assures that this lack of government leadership has left the consequence that “people think that perhaps the epidemic has been controlled, that we are already a little better because they began to see that there were not many sick people.”

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Therefore, he maintains that it is “a matter of time” for the rebound to begin to be noticed, stating that what is happening “is that young people are the ones who are getting sick for now.”

In addition, he warned that “with this number of mobilizations in December, without any restriction, this situation is possibly going to get worse at the end of the year or the beginning of the next, where we will see the impact of mortality more or less in older people”.

Lethality in Nicaragua impacted the first line of containment

Arguello indicated that the fatality in the country has been such that “almost 900 health workers became ill and 111 have died, that is, we are talking about a mortality rate of 13%.”

Dr. Quant points out that part of the damage suffered by health personnel occurred because since the pandemic began “they were without adequate protective equipment,” which he criticized “is still a problem.”

Currently, Nicaragua officially registers a total of 5,938 infections and 163 deaths, numbers unchanged for some time.

However, the independent count through the Observatorio Ciudadano of Covid-19 counts 1,780 suspected cases of coronavirus and 2,851 suspected deaths due to covid.

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Covid-19 cases in Nicaragua increased 89% according to Citizen Observatory

In the last week, from December 10 to 16, the independent report warns of an 89% increase in weekly infections, accounting for 229 new suspected cases of coronavirus.

Dr. Argüello recommends that, if you want to control the pandemic, you should start doing “the necessary tests”, as he assures that although “the vaccine is a very important control tool” in reality it requires other measures to prevent the spread, such as the need for social distancing, the cessation of activities that lead to crowds, washing hands and not touching the mouth, eyes and nose.

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