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Home of Lucia Piñeda Raided Family Confirmed

Police on Friday night raided the home of journalist Lucía Piñeda Ubau, just a week after she was arrested, family members confirmed.

Lucia Pineda is a Costa Rican – Nicaraguan national

Lucía Piñeda’s uncle, Alejandro Ubau, confirmed to journalists about the raid, committed by the National Police.

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“Yes, it’s confirmed, unfortunately,” Ubau said.

In a report by El Nuevo Diario, Ubau explained that the raid was carried out by between 10 and 15 police officers, around 7 pm. At the time of the raid, there were only caretakers in the home, whom they interrogated, according to Alejandro Ubau.

Ubau added he had no further details about the raid.

Lucía Piñeda Ubau was arrested last Friday (December 21), at the offices of the cable news television station 100% Noticias, along with journalists Miguel Mora and Verónica Chávez, the latter was released hours later.

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Since their arrest, authorities have not published a single image of Piñeda or commented on her condition.

What is known is that authorities have prevented people from bringing her food, arguing that they will allow it only from her family who practically all live in Costa Rica.

The Fiscalia (Prosecutor’s Office) accuses the Piñeda of instigating terrorist acts and inciting hatred. She will go on trial on January 15.

The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) as demanded the release of Piñeda Ubau and Mora.

Meanwhile, Costa Rica closely monitors the journalist’s case, since Pineda Ubau is also a Costa Rican national.

The 100% News Channel, of which Piñeda Ubau was press chief, was closed by orders of Telcor, the government regulator, and outside the station, the national police maintain a heavy guard.

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The government has issued arrest warrants for 100% Noticias reporters Jackson Orozco and Luis Galeano and commentator Jaime Arellano, who are still at large.

100% Noticias jurnalist Leticia Gaitán, communicated she had left Nicaragua feeling threatened over what occurred this past week. Arellano Gaelono took the same action.

Independent journalists in Nicaragua have criticized the arrest of Piñeda and Mora.

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