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Ortega assumes the presidency for the fifth time

TODAY NICARAGUA - Since the date was established, paradoxically the former president of Nicaragua, Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, wife of the former director of LA PRENSA and Martyr of...
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Nicaragua Opposition Wants To Turn Jail Into Torture Museum

  Nicaragau Dispatch - A bill presented to the National Assembly this week by opposition lawmakers seeks to convert Nicaragua’s most infamous jail cells into...
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Nicaragua remains on maximum US travel alert

TODAY NICARAGUA - The United States has eased travel advisories for most Central American countries, with the exception of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. According to information recently updated by the...

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The dictator is still there

TODAY NICARAGUA - Why did Daniel Ortega bother holding elections when everyone knew they were a sham, starting with him and his co-president Murillo?...

Undemocratic and monarchic Nicaragua?

“She’s not the vice president; she’s the co-president,” he said about Rosario Murillo. He was utterly right, but still he didn’t have a good...

Why Nicaragua’s slide toward dictatorship is a concern for the region and the US, too

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega “won” a fourth straight term on Nov. 7, 2021 – the second in a row with his wife, Vice President...

Daniel Ortega calls his political prisoners ‘sons of bitches’ and invites the United States to have them

TODAY NICARAGUA - Daniel Ortega, who declared himself the winner of the disputed elections in Nicaragua, in his "winning speech" on Monday attacked the...

Seismic swarm shakes part of Nicaragua

TODAY NICARAGUA - At around 0:24 this Tuesday, an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 on the Richter scale shook a good part of Nicaragua. According to...

Unsurprising results: Ortega wins reelection with 74.99% of votes

TODAY NICARAGUA - Without any surprise, the Consejo Supremo Electoral (CSE)  - Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) of Ortega - assigned 74.99% of the votes...

Daniel Ortega’s political defeat on November 7

The civic insurrection of April 2018 established an inflection point in Nicaragua. The social outburst that mobilized hundreds of thousands of people for more...

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