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Masaya Continues Demonstrations Against the Government

"We have to be united more than ever, even if they kill us, even if our houses are burned, today more than ever the people cry ou for justice"

The population of Masaya on Saturday held a new demonstration against the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, to whom they demand his resignation for acts of repression that have resulted in the death of at least 310 people.

The residents of Masaya were united on Saturday to show their rejection to the Ortega government

Hundreds of people gathered today from the Placita de Monimbó, to show their rejection to the Government.

“That the retreat was not carried out is a victory for all Masaya, here we do not want to see any black and red flag, the only one that represents us is blue and white, we are willing to die for our country if necessary, but here Daniel Ortega and his people, will not enter again,” say the young men entrenched in the barricades of Monimbó.

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The demonstrators, mostly residents of Monimbó, shouted slogans such as “That they leave, leave!”, Or “The united people will never be defeated!”, and shouted the names of each deceased at the hands of the “combined forces” of the Government.

“We have to be united more than ever, even if they kill us, even if our houses are burned, today more than ever the people cry out for justice,” said the leader of the “self-convened” demonstrators of Masaya, Yubrank Suazo, to journalists.

The atmosphere in Monimbó is especially tense, because its population prevented this week that the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) celebrate the 39th anniversary of the “retreat”, one of the most important Sandinista festivities, presided over by Ortega. in the indigenous neighborhood, without interruption.

“The people decreed that Ortega did not enter Masaya and it was fulfilled,” affirmed Suazo.

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While the march was unfolding, residents of Masaya reported the deployment of police and para-police groups around the city.

“They say they give peace, but what they give us are bullets,” complained the leader of the “autoconvocados” of Masaya.

The organizers of the march did not register any incidents during the march.

After Managua, which has at least 153 deaths due to the crisis, Masaya is the most affected, with 35 deaths.

Meanwhile, in Managua on Saturday, President Ortega spoke to thousands of supporters at a government-sponsored rally. Ortega, who had not been seen in public since May 30, rejected a call for early elections.

Nicaragua has been involved in the sociopolitical crisis for more than two months.

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