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More Than US$400 Million Left The National Banks Due To Crisis

Deposits in Nicaragua’s national banks continue to fall. The socio-political crisis, which this Friday reaches its 52nd day, has caused between April 18 and May 30, some 13 billion córdobas, the equivalent to more than US$400 million dollars, to leave the financial system, according to figures from the Central Bank of Nicaragua.

Until April 18 of this year, the national financial system had 172.3 billion córdobas in deposits, mostly in savings. However, official figures show that at May 30, that balance had been reduced to 159.1 billion córdobas, that is, 13.1 billion córdobas less.

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The decline of deposits in the financial system (estimated at almost 8%), coincides with the sociopolitical crisis facing the country and has left more than 120 people dead in almost seven weeks of clashes.

Mario Arana, former president of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, affirms that despite this reduction in deposits, the system is still strengthened because “banks have sufficient solvency and liquidity, they have a very solid capital base”, according to industry figures.

In an interview by LA PRENSA, Juan Bautista Sacasa, president of Banco de Finanza (BDF), confirmed that the financial sector has not escaped the current crisis, but noted that depositors’ confidence is still intact.

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“Trust is maintained, but there is uncertainty. We cannot block the sun with a finger, more than US$400 million dollars have left the banks…In a month and a half, we blew the growth we had and we are already decreasing,” Sacasa said on May 31.

Economist Sergio Santamaría said last week that while the reduction in deposits may be due to the uncertainty that affects the economy given the political crisis, the situation for banking is still sustainable. “There is some stability in the financial system. What they are concerned for now is default (non-repayment of loans), ” he said.

Source (in Spanish): La Prensa

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