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Nicaragua denies possible installation of Russian bases in its territory

TODAY NICARAGUA – Nicaragua’S Foreign Minister, Denis Moncada, described as “unfounded speculation” to affirm that the routine authorization for the entry of Russian troops into his country seeking to install foreign military bases in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Dennis Moncada, Nicaragua’s Foreigh Minister

“These are speculations without reason, without foundation, because even our Constitution establishes that foreign military bases are not allowed in Nicaragua,” the minister clarified in an interview with RT en Español, a Russian state-controlled international television network funded by the Russian government and broadcast by Nicaragua’s state television channel 4.

Moncada responded in this way to the interviewer’s question, who spoke of “speculation” about the “hypothetical installation of military bases from other countries” in Nicaragua.

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“Let us remember that the Western media and many sectors [are] interested in destabilizing Nicaragua in this case. They take advantage of something that is routine, we could say [that has been done] for many years,” he explained.


On June 14, the Nicaraguan Legislature, with an official majority, approved at the request of President Daniel Ortega the authorization for the entry of troops, ships and aircraft from Russia, the United States and other countries for humanitarian exercises with the Nicaraguan army.

Last week, the head of US diplomacy for Latin America, Brian Nichols, said it was a “dangerous provocation” to invite the Russians to Nicaragua, even for humanitarian exercises, at a time when Russia invades Ukraine.

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“What is happening is that this normal and routine event is being used to try to create an adverse environment for the Nicaraguan government and the Nicaraguan people,” Moncada replied.

The foreign minister explained that the eventual entry of foreign troops will be carried out within the framework of a relationship of “friendship, cooperation, solidarity and support in emergency situations, search, rescue and rescue.”

They are military activities that have been carried out for “years, where the President of the Republic sends the National Assembly to approve an Executive decree where the entry of troops is legally authorized,” he commented.

The United States has sanctioned Ortega’s relatives and associates in recent years, considering that his government does not respect democracy and human rights.

Ortega won a fourth consecutive term in November with his rivals imprisoned or exiled.

His government has strengthened ties with Russia, a country that has provided military aid, anticovid vaccines and a satellite monitoring station (Glonass) that uses 24 Russian satellites.

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