NICARAGUA NEWS – Nicaragua welcomed 545,174 foreign visitors in the first five months of this year, which represents a growth of 8.3% over the same period in 2013, according to figures released by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR).

A total of 1.23 million tourists arrived in Nicarauga in 2013, spending more than US$417 million dollars in the country, according to official INTUR figures.

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For first five months of 2014, tourists arrivals included 37.000 people disembarking from the 29 cruises ships that found port in the country.

Mayra Salinas, president of INTUR, said the increase in tourism is “substantial”.

Salinas says the numbers reveal that greatest number of tourist arrivals were from Central America, followed by North America, Europe and other countries. The INTUR did not provide a breakdown of the numbers.

Salinas said that Nicaragua is positioned as a tourist destination worldwide.