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Nicaraguan authorities reiterate that there are no cases of coronavirus

Nicaragua has no suspected case of coronavirus "right now" said the director of Health Surveillance, confirming that the country is ready for the eventual arrival of the covid-19

This Thursday, in the TN8.tv studios, journalist Ervin Vega interviewed Dr. Martha Reyes, director of Health Surveillance for the Ministry of Health, who addressed the issue of the coronavirus in the country and the measures that all Nicaraguans must take.

“We have really been working since January 16, since the World Health Organization (WHO) began to set the alert to the situation that is occurring in China and we began to develop our approach protocol,” said Dr. Reyes.

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“This protocol established the aspects of surveillance, both at the entry points and in the health units, because there were two mechanisms for patients, which are that people who came from other countries had a situation of presentation of cases, or that they did not come with symptoms or can reach the units directly, therefore our surveillance is established in all the health units and at the level of the 13 entry points,” she added.

Important aspects

The director indicated that one of the important aspects is the attack rate, which consists of the magnitude of people infected.

She stressed that in Nicaragua there are 19 defined units to attend to cases.

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“A very important training process has been carried out, where we have worked with public health resources and also from the private sector, all the resources of the institutions of the entry points and also the institutions at the 19 SILAIS (Clinics) of Nicaragua in the 153 municipalities, including our community network,” she said.

She added that as a health institution they have established that every day they must communicate the behavior of this virus worldwide.

Nicaragua has no suspected case of coronavirus “right now”.

“If we get to have the first case of coronavirus with the appropriate protocol, we will have a decrease in transmission and thus this will not reach the groups of higher risk that may have a situation of complication and death.

“One of the prevention measures is to be one meter from the person who presents symptoms, another is the use of the mask, the one who must use it is the person who presents respiratory symptoms and the appropriate use of alcohol gel, adding the frequent handwashing for 20 to 30 seconds,” said the doctor.

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