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Observatory raises the number of deaths from covid-19 to 2707

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The Observatorio Ciudadano raised its independent registry of the COVID-19 associated deaths to 2,707 with the coronavirus and 10,205 suspected cases. The figure contrasts with the official count of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), which only admits to 144 deaths and records only 4,818 positive cases.

Foto: Nayira Valenzuela | Confidencial

In their weekly report, which includes data from September 3 to 9, the initiative made up of doctors and volunteers from all over Nicaragua, explain that they add 24 cases that correspond to previous weeks because they learned of them “late.”

They detail that the circulation of the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus among the Nicaraguan population indicates that the risk of infection persists and that protection and prevention measures should not be relaxed.

The magnitude of the pandemic not known

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The Observatorio Ciudadano report regrets that almost six months after the report of the first case of COVID-19, “the people still do not know what the true situation of the infection is.”

“There have been no reports of prevalence, the actual data on the number of mild, moderate and severe patients is unknown and, even in the case of the deceased, the true magnitude of the pandemic is unknown,” they explain.

They insist that “only by having knowledge will we know what we are up against and how to prepare.”

“The absence of a responsible response and adequately guided by the national authorities has meant a series of sacrifices by citizens, for their physical health, their mental health and their life,” they maintain.

Medication disorder and shortage

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The report criticizes the Minsa’s refusal to carry out “PCR testing for the diagnosis of COVID-19 has caused households to assume multiple suggestive laboratory tests as their own (or out-of-pocket) expense.”

“This has meant a serious impact on the family economy, which adds to the economic crisis that has dragged on since 2018 in the country,” the Observatorio Ciudadano details.

For the Observatorio Ciudadano, “the uncertainty caused by the lack of knowledge of the best practices in the treatment of the disease has also caused serious disorders in the pharmaceutical market.”

They mention that this has caused “shortages, hoarding, irrational use of medicine and an unjustified increase in prices.”

That is why they demand that the Minsa “fulfill its responsibility to govern public health, which includes informing the population so that they know their risks and in this way know how to protect themselves.”

According to the report, so far “the information gaps express weakness” of the Health authorities by not identifying the “area of ​​active circulation” of the virus in Nicaragua.

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They also detail that as of September 9, 2,346 irregularities have been reported and that 37.8% of these “respond to exposure of people in activities or agglomerations.”

Source: Confidencial.com.ni

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