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Ortega regime to the US ambassador: “Give up imposing your creeping and decadent Yankee policies”

Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry issued a statement attacking the United States ambassador to Nicaragua, Kevin Sullivan

TODAY NICARAGUA – Nicaragua’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the United States ambassador in the country, Kevin Sullivan, of “meddling” in its internal affairs, while asking him to renounce wanting to impose “his vulgar, creeping, aberrant, insolent, ignoble, abominable and decadent Yankee policies”.

The Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry issued a statement attacking the United States ambassador to Nicaragua, Kevin Sullivan

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry condemned that Sullivan “continuously expresses himself, directly and indirectly, to the detriment of the institutional decisions and policies of Nicaragua, an independent country that is not a colony of nobody”.

“Mr. Sullivan tries to ignore our legitimacy as a State,” it continued, before asking the ambassador to show “a respectful and responsible conduct, in the context of the Vienna Convention, which all States are obliged to observe and comply with, in diplomatic relations that impose recognition of the sovereignty and self-determination of the countries concerned”.

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“We demand that Mr. Sullivan cease his covert attacks, his hypocritical salutations, disguised as a diplomatic courtesy that he abandoned long ago and that rather has been, and is, an example of the continuous, perverse, detestable invasive interference of the United States” in Nicaragua, interventions that the Foreign Ministry called “abusive and criminal”, which they have “denounced” and will continue to “denounce”.

U.S. ambassador to Nicaragua, Kevin Sullivan (right) presenting his credentials to Chancellor Denis Moncada. Archive photo

The Ministry statement does not refer to any specific episode that has Sullivan as its protagonist. The most recent is on the US ambassador’s Twitter account is a congratulation to the Confidencial media outlet, whose director is journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, brother of Cristiana Chamorro, a pre-candidate for president in the 2021 Nicaraguan general election until the Ortega government disqualified her from running, then ordered her arrest in early June.

“Congratulations @confidencial_ni for your 25 years defending the democratic values of freedom of the press and independent journalism”.

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Cristiana, like her brother, is charged by the Ortega regime of money laundering, and various financial crimes.

While Cristiana remains under house arrest in Nicaragua, Carlos Fernando went into exile in Costa Rica, again, in June of 2021.

Cristiana and Carlos Fernando (right, blue shirt) are two of five children of Violeta Chamorro, who served as the 30th president of Nicaragua from 1990 to 1997.

Ortega seeks to be re-elected in the November 7 elections, in which electoral framework the repressive wave against opposition formations takes place, which has left more than 30 independent politicians and journalists detained in recent months.

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