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PAHO recognizes that Nicaragua is already in the community transmission phase of Covid-19

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) has not yet recognized the phase of community transmission in Nicaragua and simply says that "cases have been reported in outbreaks through clearly established contacts."

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) already typifies in its reports that Nicaragua is clearly in the phase of community transmission of the Covid-19 pandemic, 68 days after the first case of contagion in the country will be confirmed.

However, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) has not yet openly recognized this phase and simply says that “cases have been reported in outbreaks through clearly established contacts.”

Outside the Humberto Alvarado hospital in Masaya. Photo R. Fonseca / La Prensa

In the informative table on accumulated cases of the countries that PAHO provides, updated until to Sunday, May 24, it is observed that in the organization’s reports that the “type of transmission” of Nicaragua is “community transmission”, of the 279 confirmed cases and 17 deaths registered until May 19 in the country.

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This phase, “community transmission”, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is when countries experience larger outbreaks of local transmission and authorities are no longer able to identify the patient’s epidemiological link.

The PAHO report again reveals the ironclad policy of secrecy that the Ortega regime is handling regarding the advance of the pandemic in the country.

The organization expressed two weeks ago that they expect from the corresponding authorities a report with “detailed information” on the situation in Nicaragua, but so far what the dictatorship has presented is a “white paper.”

This May 25 the Ortega Murillo dictatorship presented the “libro blanco” (white book) where it exposes the “preparation and actions” against Covid-19.

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“A singular strategy, a complete white paper that will be presented in the coming days to our people and to the world. There, not only are all the efforts we make characterized and described, but our model is also detailed,” said Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo on May 22.

The population has denounced that their relatives die with Covid-19 symptoms but that the death certificate indicates other causes. Immediate burials are the order of the day. Oscar Navarrete / LA PRENSA.

This book makes general mention of the actions to combat Covid-19 such as the disinfection of markets, public transport, government buildings and schools; “intense” information campaigns or monitoring of confirmed and suspected cases. However, the regimen keeps important details like the numbers of Covid-19 tests that have been done on people or equipment in hospitals and medical personnel.

PAHO concerned

PAHO has expressed its concern about the management that has been taken in this health emergency, noting that social distancing is not practiced as a measure to mitigate the virus, and rather the government calls for massive demonstrations.

More than 700 health professionals sued the Ortega regime to declare community transmission and to take actions that are consistent with the phase that the country is going through, however, the Ortega Murillo dictatorship maintains its normal rhetoric, even though new cases of contagion are recorded daily and immediate burials.

Epidemiologists warned that Nicaragua is already experiencing the pandemic curve, and this will be “lethal” if the corresponding measures are not taken.

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