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Priests in Nicaragua accuse Rosario Murillo of Satanism

TODAY NICARAGUA – Two Nicaraguan priests and a pastor have in recent years accused the first lady and vice-president, Rosario Murillo, of having satanic practices, as reported by the by 100% noticias.

Nicaragua’s vice-president and First Lady, Rosario Murillo with her husband, President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega. File photo

One of them is the Colombian priest Luis Carrillo Carrillo, who was working in Nicaragua for nine years until he was expelled on October 19, 2020, for his strong criticism of the Ortega-Murillo government.

Among the comments made by Carrillo, he stated that the speeches based on hatred have to do with a diabolical presence in the couple that violently governs the country, alluding to the president of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega and his wife.

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“For them to meet in a place, it is not necessary to go there to the Plaza de la Revolución, for the bishops to meet with their exorcists and perform an exorcism and invite the holy people of God to fasting and prayer. This will make him tremble and make all of this collapse fast,” Carrillo said.

The Colombian priest assured that an exorcism is more than effective and if it is accompanied by fasting, prayer and sacrifice, the forces of evil can be defeated because as the Bible says “the fight is not against men, it is against evil spirits,” he added.

“The devil knows the scriptures and he used them when he made the third temptation to our Lord Jesus Christ and told them to wash the dishes on the outside and inside they are rotten, the hearts of many are dirty, especially who we are talking about today (Rosario Murillo) is black, rotten, because she uses the word of God to deceive people and those who do not know her say: oh how beautiful she speaks, but if she practiced things she speaks, we would be in paradise, practically, but right now everything is hate, rancor and desire for violence,” expressed the priest.

The statements refer to the pentagrams that he had made in the famous Plaza de La Revolución, a symbol associated with the church of Satan.

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“All those children who were killed in 2018 (30) were not by pure chance, they were deliveries of souls, directed, but everything is reversed,” continued the priest, who added that the folkloric wealth of Nicaragua should not be confused with this type of Satanic rites, since the majority of the people are Christian believers.

“1- Any desecration of a Catholic temple is considered satanic. 2- The (Catholic) church has immediately denounced when it has happened. 3 – In 2018 there was a day of exorcism throughout the country and 4 – Currently the church has convened a day of national and permanent prayer due to the evils we are experiencing, in which supernatural forces are found that are only expelled with fasting and prayer. This is how Nicaraguan Catholics remain,” said the Managua family vicar.

Another religious leader, but from the Protestant church, is Pastor Rudy Palacios, who also launched accusations against Murillo.

“Year after year she wants to do things that have to do with energy and strength, because these people are esoteric and satanic, they believe a lot in these things of energy, fetish, objects familiar to Satanism like that star that she has there in the park. It may be that she feels weak because they have to be resorting to those methods of invocations, pacts and rituals, black masses and those objects that are seen in the works they do, it is a reflection of what they do internally,” Palacios stated.

He added that in 2020 she,  Murrillo, put a star and this year in that park they are going to put two more and that means that she is looking for more energy to get stronger and stay in power.

“They invoke forces of nature because they consider that their adversaries take energy away from them. That is why she wants to eliminate all opponents and everything that is adverse to her system because they feel that it weakens them.

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“With the fall of the arbolatas (metal structures that the Government put up, known as trees of life and that the people baptized as Chayopalos) she felt that she lost strength, so she had to make invocations with walls, including those constructions that she made for July 19 (2020), the thing about the bell and now it comes with that of the star, it is already entering a higher level of Satanism because those are the ones that Satanism uses to perform its rituals, ”the pastor continued.

Palacios assured that Murillo has the country under the cover of an evil, dark force, so Christians need to pray every day more so that those dark forces are overthrown.

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