The president of the Consejo Superior de la Empresa Privada (Cosep), José Adán Aguerri, said that the embargo of bank accounts against Movistar (recently purchased by Tigo), which undertook the Mayor’s Office of Managua, is part of the Ortega government pressure against the business sector, which has It’s been increasing.

“It is another way to” take resources away from companies to cover the problem that the Government has in the face of the economic downturn,” Aguerri said.

The Mayor’s Office of Managua seized several bank accounts from Movistar for almost one million collad (32 million Cordobas), for an alleged delay of 5 years in the payment of real estate taxes.

Aguerri said that despite attempts to find a negotiated result, the private sector is experiencing various forms of repression, which rose in tune with the aggression that he and other members of Cosep experienced last Saturday in León, when they gave moral support to the director of Radio Darío, Aníbal Toruño, and were attacked by pro-government fans in front of the police.

Movistar had appealed before the Court of Appeals of Managua against the administrative decision considering that the race of tax collected by the city is excessive and also because it had already prescribed.

The appeal is pending processing in the Constitutional Court.