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Regime finally allows them in aftt 18 hours in the open and the rain

The group arrived at the border at 8 pm Friday and were denied entry, without explaining the reasons. They had to spend the night in the open, enduring cold and rain, until this Saturday afternoon, the regime finally allowed them to enter.

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The group of 96 Nicaraguans from Panama stranded on the border at Peñas Blancas, were finally able to enter the country, after the regime authorities blocked their passage since Friday night, forcing them to spend the entire night out in the open, in the cold and rain.

Stranded on the right side of the border because their country would not let them in.

The regime has not officially reported why it finally allowed the group of Nicaraguans to enter, but the blockade caused rejection reactions at national and international levels.

The neighboring countries, southern countries (Panama and Costa Rica), let them transit in order to return to their country. However, upon reaching the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the Ortega dictatorship had denied them entry into national territory.

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According to a report from La Cruz TV on Facebook, the group arrived at the border at 8 pm Friday and when trying to enter Nicaragua, they were denied entry without explaining the reasons. In the rain, the Nicaraguans demanded that immigration authorities allow them to enter since due to the pandemic, they have been forced to return to their country.

“We returned because due the pandemic we cannot work and we no longer have money to eat, all we ask is that they let us enter our country,” says a Nicaraguan stranded on the southern border of the country.

After being stranded for some 18 hours, without any explanation, Nicaraguan authorities allowed the entry of its citizens

“There is a coordination between Panama and Costa Rica for Nicaraguans whose final destination is Nicaragua. They pay for the bus service and move in an orderly process to Nicaragua,” explained Costa Rica’s Director of Immigration, Raquel Vargas, this Friday, explaining the coordination between the two countries for the return of Nicaraguans to the country.

Nicaragua had not officially closed the borders due to the pandemic, but the government has made the decision not to allow the entry of the stranded Nicaraguans in other countries and at the different borders of the country.

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“It is a decision that is basically violating human rights and violating the constitution and that by having control, the executive is implementing it in this way,” says José Adán Aguerri, president of the Consejo Superior de la Empresa Privada (Cosep), because throughout the region citizens are being allowed to return to their country, it’s their constitutional right.

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