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Rosario Murillo Urges Opposition To Stop Abusing Patience of the People

Rosario Murillo, Vice-president and wife of Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega, on behalf of the government, urged the opposition on Monday not to abuse the patience of the people in the midst of the socio-political crisis that has engulfed the country since mid-April and left hundreds dead, injured and thousands fleeing the country.

Rosario Murillo. From El19digital.com

“We demand justice. (We demand) that they (protesters) pay for their crimes. Because there are 198 Nicaraguans who are no longer here and they killed them. (We demand) that they pay for their crimes and that they stop abusing the patience of the people,” she said on state media, referring to the opposition.

198 is the official death toll publicly stated by President Ortega in several interviews over the past couple of weeks with the international media, that includes CNN en Español, Euronews and TelesurTV, the latter in part sponsored by the Nicaraguan government.

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“Stop disturbing the desire for peace of the majority of Nicaraguans and, above all, stop disturbing the need to work that the Nicaraguan majorities have,” Murilloa continued.

Murillo added that after April 18, when the anti-government protests broke out following failed social security reforms, Nicaragua has lived through “darkness, shadows, depravity.”

“The embittered ones are on the other side, what they don’t understand is that Nicaragua wants peace,” she said.

“Still, there are those embers, those (few) remnants” in the opposition “who every day wants to harass the work of the people (and) block it, of course,” she added.

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Murillo also called on Nicaraguans to be generous, supportive and “stop harassing those who want to work.”

In the official government website, www.el19digital.com, Rosario on Monday said, “We are a believing, devout and truth-loving people,” highlighting that “peace and normality, tranquility and security are being reborn and strengthened every day in the people of Nicaragua, all as a product of the spirit, of eagerness, of Christian commitment, generous, socialist, in solidarity with all the Nicaraguans.”

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