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Sandinistas are going to‘ muddy ’the elections, they are going to steal them, and they do not plan to hand over power

Article 66 reveals a talk between two FSLN operators, a former president of UNEN and “El Negro”, about the internal struggle for power

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The Sandinista Front has no intention of allowing a democratic and competitive election to be held in 2021, or handing over power if they agree to lose it.

“They are going to win the elections because the opposition is bullshit, and even if they don’t win they are going to trash them, well, and they are going to win them incorrectly,” a former president of UNEN tells El Negro, an FSLN political operator, in an audio published by Article 66.

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The audio of the conversation published in its entirety was leaked by sources linked to the FSLN, apparently dissatisfied with one or both of the political operators of the ruling party.

In the conversation lasting more than 20 minutes, with some inaudible moments, the FSLN operators admit the popular discontent that exists in the country over the economic crisis and speak of the existence of plans to “radicalize” the political model that they themselves consider unfeasible.

FSLN political operators refer to President Daniel Ortega as a political survivor who they identify as El Mono, and when describing the internal struggle for power in the FSLN and the crisis of those sanctioned by the United States, they mention various contending groups. Among them, those led by Fidel Moreno, general secretary of the Mayor’s Office of Managua and Roberto López, executive president of Social Security.

They also talk about various groups with which it would be essential to negotiate in the FSLN, such as Los Goyos (in FSLN slang, associated with the former head of State Security Lenin Gregorio Cerna) and Grupo Porras, linked to the current president of the National Assembly, Gustavo Porras, sanctioned by the United States Department of the Treasury.

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This is a fragment of the audio of the FSLN operators, published by Article 66.

“They are going to win the elections … incorrectly”

Former president of UNEN- The issue of fanaticism, of that radicalization, of fanaticism where, damn it, whoever does not jump is a Yankee, I think that has diminished, I do not look at it in the same circumstances. Because of the economic situation, the money is hard on the street, it is complicated. I mean, that shit about basic services to the people has it demonized.

It is really true that these majesties are going to close, they are going to win the elections because the opposition is crap, and, even if they do not win, they are going to muddle them, well, and they are going to win them incorrectly, I mean, right? By winning them that way, already arriving in rags, what the johnys (the United States Government) are going to do later, or the Europeans, and all that herd of hijuela granputas, what Negro are going to do is one day, rip him off a kidney, another day, tear out a lung, until it bleeds, and that will last two years, three years, maximum …

We are neither Cubans nor do we have oil (like Venezuela), so we hardly have that characteristic, well, I am clear that we are going to overcome that, it is difficult, and it would be more difficult if El Mono (Daniel Ortega) does not continue, and It is not that he does not continue so much in the Presidency, but in this earthly life.

El Negro- Lolo Blandino (father of Xiomara Blandino, Juan Carlos Ortega Murillo’s partner) says that he had covid, he says.

Former President of UNEN– I don’t think so.

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El Negro– Not me.

Former president of UNEN- And for his age, he would not have gone out that fucked up day, I looked at him that day well.

“Cubanization or the other …”

Former president of UNEN- You see, also, if that leads to Cubanization or the other, it will last three years, if perhaps they want it, or they are going to do so, well, there is more scarcity. Nor do I look at the Front closing markets and that. Even if they close it, because the gringos, you and I have it clear, they are going to tear it apart step by step. You and I have talked about it since last year. We will be in rags.

El Negro- Yes.

Former president of UNEN– Now, he wins, and he wins clean, maybe they will leave him, they throw him to neutral a bit. Win, and win dirty, first one leg will be torn off, the next month or three months later, the other leg.

El Negro- No, it will be, it will be without legs.

Former president of UNEN– For that reason, you are clear, right?

“Maybe he has copied Mao Tse Tung”

El Negro- One of these days I was reading Mao (Tse Tung, founder of communist China), something there, and this motherfucker (Rosario Murillo, vice president, spokesperson and Ortega’s wife), crazy, just like she has copied it.

Former president of UNEN- Mao?

El Negro- Yes, the thing is to separate some figures and stay with total control. That’s what Mao did, with (Chou en Lai) and with the other people. Because it sounded familiar to me. I know there is a historical comparison to this shit, and I looked for it, and I found it, and since I was so busy (laughs sarcastically), I started reading for about three hours. Go, I said, and here is this cock. The same process. But, well then.

Yo, yo, let’s see how I tell you? I feel that a year may work, then, with a logic like this, but the big question is: are people going to put up with the gas of scarcity, of the thing, that this, that the other, then?

Former president of UNEN- Ah well, it’s for the same thing that I tell you. People are not going to hold out or Turkish, crazy.

Those sanctioned when negotiating

El Negro- Let’s see, what is your sanctioned “broder” (brother) thinking, crushed, then, regretted (by the signs given below, it is identified that he refers to Fidel Moreno). You have your money, yes. With intelligence, if you take care of them, that man should not have problems for the 40 years that he may have left of life, because he can generate, he can produce them, but, if the letter is turned around, how you see that they are treating him, and they get to do things, what is he going to do? Explain me.

Former president of UNEN- Notice that I look at her, even more radical. Imagine that this changes Negro, because the best scenario he has is that that happens to him, that would be like an option, that they are withdrawing it, and there it is, but in any of these, he only has two paths: the first, see alliances, right now and in the future. Because that maje, coming from power, is going to have to be paying security; And if we leave power, as the Front, then, or the Government, it will have to make alliances with those who administer the Front at that time. Do you see him managing it? Well, I don’t know, but I see it as difficult, but if he administers it, it becomes a little easier for him, but if he doesn’t administer it. Aha, it is managed by a Negro, a Yaser, any other man who manages, for example, the Managua case, to generate the protection you need to generate a money, what is going to happen? You have to invest.

I was telling you the other time, do you see yourself doing business? Appearing? No. The only thing he can do is invest a bill, and that is to pay protection. Either this is it, or it goes to Russia.

The Black- Hahaha

Former president of UNEN- Or if not in the worst case, that I do not wish it to anyone, because it must be terrible, I have faced legal problems and shit, that they dress you in orange (prisoner in the United States).

El Negro- Shit.

Former President of UNEN– Because, in another government, anyone is a bargaining chip.

El Negro- I think that a good measure is that those majesties put them in the council, right.

Former President of UNEN- It could be. Yo, what do I think is going to happen? The Front is not going to hand over power, it is not going to give them space, nothing. That is what I am seeing …

El Negro- I mean, according to your theory, that man should be looking for us to be allies of him, and he should pay us, is that right?

Former president of UNEN- He will not have allies. You cannot ally yourself with the Goyos; the Porras are going to need allies too, because they are other persecuted.

El Negro- Yes, but, but those bastards are negotiators, those majes are nefarious. It is clear that these majesties will kneel down to the cheles (North Americans) who are going to negotiate with them when they arrive. Do you see Roberto López doing shit? Ah?

Former president of UNEN- No, no, these majesties are going to negotiate, if you want, they are going to hand over half their fortune …

El Negro- But also, they won’t negotiate with him, then.

Former president of UNEN- Yes… correct. But do you think that so many sanctioned people will fit into the negotiation?

The impact of the elections in the US

Former president of UNEN- If he is betting that (Donald) Trump loses, I think he is betting badly.

El Negro- I’m going to tell you something. Whoever wins …

Former president of UNEN- They are going to grind us, fucked. That’s clear to me.

El Negro– They will not change their policy.

Former president of UNEN- They will never do it, they have never done it… what’s more, the Democrats are more bastards, at least the other person knows that you have them in front of you.

El Negro– And I’m going to tell you something else, if the Democrats win and there is an aggressive or more aggressive attitude, that will end up hitting a sector of Sandinismo that continues to be an idiot believing that with those majesties there will be some space.

Former President of UNEN- Exactly.

El Negro- So… How many months until the elections? Three?

Former President of UNEN- November, three months.

El Negro- 90 days, broder.

Ortega’s children sanctioned

El Negro- We were at a conference there …

Former president of UNEN- Ujum.

El Negro- In the conference where Laureano (Ortega Murillo) started talking shit about the canal …

Former president of UNEN- Ujum.

El Negro- And the maje… then what happened? Which do you prefer? Tell me, the Cuban or the Venezuelan? You’re just a son of a bitch, I say. I didn’t say anything to him then. And then I stayed, bitch … the truth is that … I mean, at least in intention to one of the two things they are betting … I really don’t know …

Former president of UNEN- (…) I do not rule out that they are betting perhaps on that, these majes, on radicalization, because in this is the only one, Negro, that I survive. Let’s see how do all those bastards who got on the stage on July 19 survive? Only in this model. You and I have talked about it several times, and that is why they are more closed, and that is why they are going to press it more. They don’t have (…) what they can negotiate (…)

El Negro- If we start from that as an absolute reality, they are already shitting it, because then … the day they turn turquoise among themselves, this shit was screwed, and if that lawsuit with Fidel, (Moreno) with the other son of a bitch, with him, with whom he is the purest, or the least pure, there they are going to grind them. Because there, I assure you, crazy, that any one of those bastards will look for where to break the …

Former president of UNEN- El eslabón. I’m going to tell you something … They are going to lose the link, but you are clear that that will happen until El Mono is not there, right …

El Negro- Well, I don’t know. That man is a survivor …

Former president of UNEN- Yes, that’s right, that man is a beast at that, well, but, Negro, you are clear that this is hard.

El Negro- No fuck, difficult. I’ve been thinking, no fuck, you see what kind of headache, is that where do you want to look and turn, that is, there is not.

Former President of UNEN- There is no Negro. There is no! There is no way they will end up unscathed.

El Negro- It’s difficult.

Former President of UNEN- Difficult! No fuck, impossible.

El Negro- There is no way. Well, and the kid, that son of a bitch was quiet, right, I thought he was going to leave as a thug.

Former President of UNEN- Which one?

El Negro- Juan Carlos (Ortega Murillo). It is that that Turk is worse, that is the toughest Turk.

Listen to me, the opposition here is so stupid that I don’t understand the opposition, because, really, they are stupid. But, I’m going to tell you something, the Turk that they put into that kid is the hardest. He must be clear about it, some people from the Front should be clear about it; (José) Mojica (figurehead for Ortega and Murillo), I’m sure that if he could commit suicide and turn back time, that disgusting rat must be crying, but it must be very hollow.

El Negro- José?

Former President of UNEN- Yes, yes. For a simple reason, that drug trafficking shit is big, that shit is too careful.

El Negro- But could it be that the translation is well done or is it that they put on the list that they are due to problems …

Former president of UNEN- For drug trafficking, is that he is designated, under the logic of drug trafficking …

Source: Confidencial (in Spanish)

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