The National Police in Seville, Spain, carried out an operation, called “Nicarama”, on December 23, where they dismantled a criminal gang of labor exploitation, made up of Spaniards and Nicaraguans, where Nicaraguan women were exploited, according to Spanish media.

The Policía Nacional de España. (National Police of Spain) dismantled a network that was dedicated to recruiting women in Nicaragua to exploit them.

Five people were arrested and seven women were released from the clutches of the organization during the operation.

The network recruited Nicaraguan women with the promise of taking them to Spain to work as domestic workers. Spanish authorities say the group organization was divided into two groups: those responsible for recruiting possible victims in Nicaragua and the other part that was dedicated to getting accommodation and transportation in Spain.

In order not to raise suspicion, the victims were forced to sign documents in Nicaragua and entered into Spain as tourists. The organization used threats against the women’s families to extract US$7,000 to cover costs, paid through proceeds from their exploitation.

The Policía Nacional de España did not specify the type of exploitation the women were subjected to.