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Strange Message By Ortega Calls For End To Death and Destruction

After two continuous days of brutal repression in Masaya, where one person is reported killed and more than 150 injured, the FSLN supported Channel 4 broadcast a brief message by President Daniel Ortega calling “to an end to death and destruction”.

The message to the people of Nicaragua from the Presidente Comandante Daniel was by way of a telephone call to the television station, brodacast live Saturday night.

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“Dear brothers and sisters of Masaya: With the heart of Nicaragua full of pain goes this message of Christian faith to all the families that suffer this tragedy that today enlightens us.

We want to reiterate the call and commitment to put an end to death and destruction. Do not keep spilling the blood of brothers.

Dear Nicaraguan families: Peace is the way and the only door to coexistence and respect for the tranquility and security of all. We ask God to give us the strength to achieve it”.

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“Queridos hermanos y hermanas de Masaya: Con el corazón de Nicaragua lleno de dolor va este mensaje de fe cristiana a todas las familias que sufren esta tragedia que hoy nos enluta. Les queremos reiterar el llamado y el compromiso de ponerle fin a la muerte y la destrucción. Que no se siga derramando sangre de hermanos. Queridas familias nicaragüenses: La paz es el camino y la única puerta a la convivencia y el respeto para la tranquilidad y seguridad de todos. Le pedimos a Dios nos de la fortaleza para alcanzarla”.

On the social media some are doubting the message is really by Ortega whose last televised appearance was on April 30 in commemoration of Workers’ Day in the Plaza Alexis Arguello.

Some of the comments posted included:

“Every dog gets his day. Daniel and the Witch (Murillo) will get theirs sooner or later. They speak of Peace and Of God, at the same time that they repress and kill their people. Ther are without shame. Corrupt, Assassins.”

“Dog! Rot in hell! Tell your dogs not to continue killing students or civilians. The clock does not stop, the countdown came to you, the Dog that kills those who took you to power and you became murderer and dictator.”

There’s too many dead I do not forgive you son of a bitch killer.”

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Sources (in Spanish): 100% Noticias; YouTube

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