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Streets of Managua flooded due to effects of Iota

QCOSTARICA – Many streets in Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua, were flooded this Tuesday afternoon, as Hurricane Iota lashes out on the country only two weeks after Hurricane Eta.

The flooding was due to the heavy rainfall caused by Iota (which is now a tropical storm). The torrential downpour not only affected the Caribbean Coast and the northern departments of the country, but it has also caused flooding in neighborhoods and main streets of Managua, where every year the effects are recurrent as a result of the accumulated trash in the riverbeds.

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The strong currents caused the El Dorado bridge to overflow, endangering drivers and pedestrians who pass through the area.

The rains persist in the country since Monday night.

During this time of year, the El Dorado river is normally vulnerable and strong currents are generated. The problem has been compounded by the accumulation of garbage. It was learned that this Tuesday crews from the Managua Mayor’s Office were in the place carrying out cleaning tasks to avoid major problems.

Another point of the capital affected by the rains was the El Edén sector. There the risk is greater, because no one can travel due to the strong currents from the bridge flooding the road.

Oriental market flooded

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The Oriental market is another of the most vulnerable points in Managua in the rainy season. Now, with the passage of Iota, the streets of the populous shopping center became “a mighty river” accompanied by accumulated mud and garbage.

One of the most critical sectors is that of the road hook, where the currents left the place impassable.

This Tuesday, the road that leads to the Multicentro Las Américas shopping center, in the sector of the Pedro Arauz Palacios University Campus of UNI (UNI-Rupap), was also completely covered with water, which exceeded half a meter.

The Managua problem

Managua has more than 1.5 million inhabitants and its disorderly and mostly horizontal growth generates flood problems every rainy season.

This disorder, in addition to demanding investment to provide basic services such as electricity, drinking water, sanitary sewers, road network and garbage collection system, condemns the city to flood disasters, because it loses more and more forest cover and decreases the infiltration of rainwater, urban planners have explained.

To this is added that its network of channels and micro-dams are insufficient to drain the volumes of water that fall in short periods and take speeds down the slope of the city between its southern and northern parts.

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Other affected areas:

  • Sector of the Central American University (UCA)
  • Sandino Memorial, looking for the suburban track.
  •  Hugo Chávez sector.
  • Roundabout Zona Franca Carretera Norte / Santa Helena
  • Mateares
  • Sandino City
  • Sabana Grande / Entrance of the Kola Shaler.
  • Km 10 ½ Carr. Masaya entrance Xochitlan
  • Las Agüitas / Los Vanegas.
  • The low areas, Monsignor Lezcano, Acahualinca, Iván Montenegro.
  • There is no traffic from Invercasa to the Roberto Huembes Market coming through Central America, passing through where Loselza was, that road is flooded.
  • Metrocentro sector, and neighboring sectors with strong currents on the roads.
  •  Güegüense roundabout flooded.
  • Carretera Sur near Montetabor.
  • Colonia Tenderi, La Salvadorita. Eden Bridge. Peripheral, La Reynaga.
  • Bello Horizonte. Strong currents on the road and difficult to travel.

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