The government website, without a hit of the violence and protests in the cities, posted dozens of photos of people enjoying the popular spas Pochomil and Masachapa.

The website says: Pochomil and Masachapa resumed the brightness with the presence of a large number of national tourists who came from different parts of the country, attracted by the peace and tranquility that the country has taken back.”

Those who are very happy are the owners of bars, restaurants and hotels that ensure that for 12 consecutive weeks, the presence of tourists was nil thanks to the sectors that were determined to create chaos.

But this situation has changed thanks to the guarantee provided by the Sandinista Government, which has been responsible for protecting peace, tranquility, so that families can resume their lives, both in the family, the economic and social.

The post coincides with the launch of the “Nicaragua Siempre Linda” or “As beautiful as ever!” PR campaign to attract foreign visits aand offers no hint of the turmoil that has been rocking the country since the start of protests against Daniel Ortega nearly four months ago