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The best Nicaraguan athletes of all-time

Nicaragua is home to many things, but sports isn’t necessarily what one thinks of when they think of the country. But there is an underrated culture for athletics and sport in Nicaragua that has produced plenty of athletes who have been able to perform on the world stage for thousands of people to enjoy.

One of the best Nicaraguan athletes of all-time earned that status on the baseball field.

These particular Nicaraguan athletes are among the best of all-time to hail from the country, as they have been able to parlay their abilities on the field and in the ring into careers of representing their native country. 

Vicente Padilla 

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Latin America, and there may not have been a player from Nicaragua to ever play it as well as Vicente Padilla did. Padilla was a starting pitcher who lasted over a decade in Major League Baseball, pitching for marquee franchises such as the Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Boston Red Sox throughout his time in the league. Padilla won more than half of his decisions as a starting pitcher and had an ERA just over 4.00, which is impressive given the time he spent in hitter-friendly parks in Texas and Boston. 

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Padilla struck out over 1,100 batters over the course of his career and landed a spot in the 2002 All-Star Game. He ended his career with five seasons of 10 wins or more on the mound and will certainly be remembered as one of the best athletes from Nicaragua of all-time as a result of his longevity and effectiveness in the best baseball league in the world. Players like Padilla are a reason that Nicaragua is one of the hidden gems of the sports world, to the point that football clubs like Inter Milan have thought about opening training academies in the country. 

Leonardo Morales 

MMA fighting is one of the most difficult things to do in all of sports, given that there are so many ways that opponents can strike or otherwise attack. And the fact that there has been an MMA fighter from Nicaragua that has made it to high levels within the sport has been incredibly impressive, with Leonardo Morales being the most successful mixed martial artist in the history of the nation. 

Leonardo Morales won several fights in his career before he received the call to fight in UFC. During that time, he fought some relatively big names in UFC, namely Yair Rodriguez and Jose Quinonez, both of whom he lost to. However, he has continued fighting and has picked up some wins following his UFC experience, as he continues to build on what has been an impressive career in a sport that is difficult to succeed in. 

Morales has put up an impressive win rate during his still-active MMA career, which has made him a popular choice among those forecasting MMA fight results when he takes to the octagon. And with his active status as a fighter, he could potentially improve his standing as an all-time great athlete in the country’s history. 

Nicaraguan fighters like Leonardo Morales and Ricardo Mayorga have frequently had their hands raised after matches

Ricardo Mayorga 

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When it comes to athletes from Nicaragua, there might not be one considered better than Ricardo Mayorga. Mayorga had tons of success in his boxing career, winning 25 of his first 29 fights and progressing in his career to take on some of the biggest names in boxing during his era. In a career that has seen him go 32-12-1 overall, Mayorga earned multiple bouts against Sugar Shane Mosley and fought Oscar de la Hoya and Felix Trinidad. And the best part is the fact that Mayorga is still fighting, even at the age of 46. 

Longevity is so hard to come by for any athlete, and the fact that Ricardo Mayorga has been boxing professionally for two decades is a testament to his work ethic and the fact that boxing is something he simply cannot live without. That mentality, combined with the results he achieved, make Mayora another elite athlete in the history of Nicaraguan sports. 



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