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The dangers of illegal crossings between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Norma Rosa Saravia Rugama, who on March 30 had paid a "coyote" to help her cross the border and reach Costa Rica. Her body was found this morning in a state of decomposition

TODAY NICARAGUA – After 14 days of being missing, this Tuesday morning, April 13, 2021, Norma Rosa Saravia Rugama, 59, who tried to cross to Costa Rica on March 30, was found dead near the border post Las Tablillas, in San Carlos, Río San Juan.

Norma Rosa Saravia Rugama’s family had already reported her disappearance in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua

The information of the finding was confirmed to LA PRENSA by her daughter Norma Elena Sandoval.

A niece of the victim told LA PRENSA that her body was found at around 8:00 am this Tuesday in a state of decomposition, in one of the clandestine paths that lead to the border with Costa Rica.

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“I do not have the exact location, my mother and other relatives are there right now, but yes, it is confirmed that they found her dead,” said the niece with a broken voice and without knowing many details of the information.

The Nicaraguan migrant was last seen alive on the morning of March 30, when she was preparing to cross the border post illegally, heading to Los Chiles, in Costa Rica. She was going to make the journey with the help of a “coyote” who, according to her daughter, was paid ¢10,000 colones (US$17) to cross her to Costa Rican soil.

Since that day nothing was known about her.

Saravia was originally from Boaco and according to her daughter, her mother’s final destination was San Ramón de Alajuela, Costa Rica, where she was to called to work as a domestic in a house. But three days after starting the trip they found out that she had not arrived at the destination.

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Not knowing of her whereabouts, her relatives began their search for her since last April 1, they tried calling her cell phone, but she did not answer. As of April 5, in her anguish, the family went to the border post to see if they could locate her or learn information about her whereabouts.

In previous interviews, the victim’s daughter told LA PRENSA that the last time they heard from her was when two relatives saw see her, on Costa Rican soil, some 2.5 kilometers from the border.

“My sister Brenda Mariela Sandoval Saravia and a cousin saw her for the last time at 8:30 in the morning, when they were coming from Costa Rica to Nicaragua with a group of people,” she said.

Norma Saravia had been missing since March 30

Police investigate finding

Until now, it is unknown if there was foul play. Both the Nicaraguan and Costa Rican authorities are conducting their corresponding investigations. The family warned that after the publication of the search for Norma Rosa on social networks and the media on April 7, the Nicaraguan “coyote” who was hired to take her to Costa Rica does not answer calls: “He disappeared,” declared, Norma Elena Sandoval.

Through a statement, the Nicaraguan Police detailed a series of actions that it has carried out to find Norma Rosa Saravia, and said that “this Tuesday at 9:20 in the morning in the department of Rio San Juan, mountainous sector of the Esperanza Verde reserve, 4 kilometers from the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border, a lifeless body of a female was found, in a state of decomposition”.

Although, in the statement, the Police do not specify that the body is that of Norma Saravia Rugama, the information provided by the family coincides with the finding reported by the police.

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First Lady and self-designated Vice President Rosario Murillomentioned that the case can be attributed to the native of Boaco.

“We are concerned and we will be looking forward to the information that our Police send us. Hopefully, hopefully (she repeated) the news is not bad, hopefully, she is not the sister we are looking for, hope is there in her relatives in Boaco and we are waiting with a solidarity hug for all of them,” said the first lady.

However, the same relatives have already confirmed that the body found this Tuesday morning is that of Norma Rosa Saravia.

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