daniel_ortegaPresident Daniel Ortega said that after the constitutional reforms currently under discussion in the Parliament are approved, there will be more peace, security and hope among Nicaraguans. The president’s statement came at the graduation ceremony of 36 National Police officers on Friday night, when a special tribute was paid to late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at Managua’s Revolution Square.

Ortega stressed the importance of including in the Political Constitution the ruling by the International Court of Justice in the Hague about the border dispute with Colombia, which restored more than 90,000 square kilometers to Nicaragua.

The president stressed the need to include in the constitutional reforms the alliance Nicaraguans are building between urban and rural workers, as well as workers from the health and construction sectors, teachers, farmers, and from the small-, medium- and large-size industry.

He added that this unity, which will be included in the Constitution, would be used to root out poverty, so that all Nicaraguan families can have a decent life.