Father In Jealous Rage Decapitates 14 Year Old Daughter

Launch of the Comprehensive Law on Violence Against Women and Law 779 | LA PRENSA/ D. LÓPEZ

NICARAGUA NEWS – A 45 year old man in a jealous rage used a machete to decapitate his 14-year-old daughter in  the rural community of Akawasito, 90 kilometres south of Puerto Cabezas, in Nicaragua’s Autonomous North Atlantic Region, or RAAN.

The reason? She had left the family home to live with her boyfriend, the National Police reported.

Police say the incident occurred on Saturday, June 7 and the man, Arsenio Soza Martinez, is still a fugitive from justice.

According to the police investigation,  Martinez became jealous and decided to go retrieve his daughter from her boyfriend’s house, which he did, bringing her back to the family home, where he decapitated her with a machete and then fled.

The young girl is just another statistic of femicides in 2014 and whose killing was at the launch of an awareness campaign of the Comprehensive Law on Violence Against Women and Law 779.

The campaign is led by the Supreme Court and will be implemented in six months.



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