NICARAGUA – Nicaraguan businesses are complaining that HKND may have begun to invite construction companies to participate in tenders to execute various works, and after receiving the offers, has declared them void.

There is specific mention of a tender for the construction of a service road parallel to the Canal route.

In this regard the president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction (CNC), Benjamin Lanzas, told that “one of the companies which took part in the tender, is negotiating with HKND over the construction of access roads in various sections among other projects. ”

The information leaked to the press is not concrete nor transparent, but it is clear that Nicaraguan companies seeking to participate in the construction of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua, need to make a greater effort to fit in with the Chinese concessionaires in terms of working methods and systems management, starting with the simple but essential language problem.

The opportunities offered by the construction of the Grand Canal will not be for everyone, but for those – necessarily few- capable of dramatic conversion in order to work side by side with specialists in managing large projects with world-class requirements.