illegal_wiring1After December 16, all persons who are using an illegal electricity connection and have not submitted a formal application to the TSK-Melfosur International distributor, could go to prison.

The chairman of the Committee on Infrastructure, Jenny Martinez, said to give an extension to the illegal customers would require an amendment to the law “Six months was a fairly reasonable time for people to catch up”.

December 16 will mark the 180 days granted to almost 200 thousand illegal connections.

In the package of energy reforms passed in the National Assembly last June, a period of 180 days was established for people who are illegally consuming energy to normalize their situation with the distributor.

In 2006, distribution losses in Nicaragua were 28.8%, the highest in Central America. This is one of the most acute problems faced by the sector in Nicaragua, as it leads to very large economic losses. This problem is partially caused by the widespread existence of illegal connections, altered metering systems and low bill collection capacity in certain areas.

Source: Nicaragua Living, Wikipedia