(TODAY NICARAGUA) The comprehensive livestock plant belonging to the Mexican company Sukarne is currently processing between 180 and 200 cattle per day, and expects to process about 180 thousand a year.

The local livestock sector has high expectations with the launch of the plant by the Mexican company, which expects to sell cattle directly ensuring greater stability in prices.

Salvador Castillo, president of the Federation of Livestock Associations of Nicaragua (Faganic) told that “… ‘This is a great benefit for producers, because they are buying directly from their farms’. ”

“… According to SuKarne the country has pens capable of permanently maintaining 50,000 cattle. He also said that it has established a system of direct purchase of livestock, therefore there are more than 800 permanent vendors. Also, for their farming operations, the company is buying over 10,000 tonnes of fodder and 45,000 tonnes of grain.
SuKarne is one of other multimillion dollar investments of Mexican origin in the country, such as the newly opened dairy plant by the Lala company, which cost approximately $50 million.